Echoes: Bringing a Soldier All the Way Home

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Terry Bellefleur PTSD Sufferer

Terry Bellefleur PTSD Sufferer

This is the transcript of the world’s first TwitterPlay on the condition of PTSD and one soldier who’s suffering from it. Thanks to the Blood Copy players for writing and True Blood On Twitter for producing the play on this important subject.
The Story of Arlene and Terry:

Laff: @Terrybellefle *makin’ rolls, rollin’ out the dough* You sure is
lookin’ stressed today, Baby…is you okay?

Terry: @Lafayette_R *slicin’ potatoes, hacking the knife into them
real hard* Just feelin’ the pressure, Laff…don’t like feelin’ the

Laff: *takes cut potatoes from @TerryBellefle, dumping them in the
fryer* Well, why didn’t you take your break, Hookah?

Arlene: @Lafayette_R @TerryBellefle *walks up the window* Whew…in
case y’all didn’t notice, Merlotte’s is busier than a pig on ice

Terry: @ArleneFowler *walks over to Arlene* I don’t like seein’ you
work so hard, Arlene…this can’t be good for you…or the baby.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle I’m okay, Bear…*blows hair off
forehead*…besides we’re gonna have another mouth to feed and we sure
can use the money.

Arlene: * Here you go, Laff! *slides a plate to @Lafayette_R* Nasty
old coot, Mr. Hendricks says his chicken-fried steak still ain’t fried

Laff: @ArleneFowler Ah, them damm necks wouldn’t know good food if it
bit em in their asses!

Arlene: *sensing @TerryBellefle getting agitated* *whispers to
@Lafayette_R* Could you please watch Terry for me, Laff?

Arlene: @Lafayette_R I been real worried ‘bout him today. Hate when
they change his meds. I don’t understand why they can’t find the right

Laff: @ArleneFowler He’ll be fine, just leave him be. Lemme take care
of your deep, deep chicken fried steak for the rude neck at yo table.

Terry: *walks to bar to help @ArleneFowler put pitchers of beer on
tray* Arlene! Let me help you with those.

Terry: *quickly glancing up, I see a little boy pointing his toy gun
at me… and then he yells, “POW!”

Terry: *startled, jerking back, crashing into @ArleneFowler’s tray,
knocking over all the pitchers…watching everything crash to the floor*

Terry: @ArleneFowler I’m so sorry, Baby…I just… *looking down at
mess on floor* I can’t get nothin’ right today! I … *flustered
stomps outside*

Sam: @TerryBellefle *hears tray hit floor, calls after Terry runnin’
out the door* Hey, Terry! HEY! It was just a toy gun! You okay,

Laff: Order up, @ArleneFowler!

Arlene: @SamMerlotteBT Ohhhhhhh… *watchin’ Terry storm off* I’ll
be right back, Sam!

Sam: Damn, @TerryBellefle! *scratches head*… when’s that man gonna
learn he ain’t in Faluja no more?

Laff: *watchin’ @ArleneFolwer whiz by* I said ORDER UP!

Arlene: *tears off apron letting it drop to the floor, runs outside to
find @TerryBellefle.

Arlene: *finds @TerryBellefle on the ground, hands over ears, pressing
himself against the dumpster, grabbing on to it, tearing up* TERRY?

Terry: @ArleneFowler *looking up at Arlene* I got to take care of
you, Arlene…. the baby… Lisa and Coby…

Terry: @ArleneFowler I’m strong, Arlene! But I froze up! I let
everybody down…

Arlene: @TerryBellefle* That’s it! Enough is enough, Baby! Fuckadoo
that money, I don’t care ‘bout nothin’ else but you! I’m takin’ you

Laff: *sees @ArleneFowler left her tray of food sitting there* SHIT!
This food ain’t goin’ nowhere by itself! *grabs tray, heads to
Terry: At home with @ArleneFowler

Terry: *flopping down on the couch* *staring into space*

Arlene: *sitting next to @TerryBellefle, softly touching his hand* Do
you need some space, Baby? Should I be leavin’ you alone?

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Can I get you somethin’ to drink?

Terry: @ArleneFowler *still staring, not answering *

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *verging on tears, takes your hand and touches
it to my cheek* It’s me, Bear….I’m here … Can you feel me?

Arlene: @TerryBellefle You and me…we’re here, Baby! You ain’t there anymore…

Terry: *sighis, choking back tears*

Arlene: @TerryBellefle, I know it ain’t easy, but we need to talk
about what happened.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle If we’re goin’ to be a couple, you should be
able to tell me anything and open up.

Terry: @ArleneFowler *letting out a sigh* I can’t talk about over
there, Arlene… the things I saw…things I did…

Arlene: @TerryBellefle, Just let me in a little bit more, Baby…
please… you have got to let me in.

Terry: @ArleneFowler I saw so many bad things…there’s evil things in
this world, Arlene… worse than vampires…

Terry: @ArleneFowler There are things in this world that would make
you shiver to your very core.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle I know, but look at me, if you don’t let it
out…I’m scared it’s gonna swallow you whole and you’ll be a shell of

Terry: @ArleneFowler I’m afraid if I tell you…you won’t want me
anymore, that you won’t let me live here with you…and Coby and
Lisa…and the baby.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *teary-eyed* But, I’d feel so much better
knowin’ your secrets…knowin’ you’re okay to be with the kids…with
a baby.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle You’re a survivor, Bear…and that means you’re strong!

Terry: @ArleneFowler *feeling a new calm and determination* Okay, I’ll
tell you, Arlene…what do you want to know?

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *looking in your eyes, searching to see if it’s
really gonna be okay, taking a deep breath…*

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Well, can you tell me about that scar…the real
big one on your back…but only if you want to, Bear…only if you’re
real ready.

Terry: *quietly staring into @ArleneFowler’s eyes *

Terry: @ArleneFowler That scar…my platoon was ambushed by
insurgents, caught a bullet…luckily it only grazed me.

Arlene: *running a finger gently back and forth along the scar,
feelin’ it through @TerryBellefle’s shirt*… I am so sorry, Baby!

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *overwhelmed with sadness *You’ve got so many
scars and I know you got a story to tell for every one of ‘em.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle And I love you even more for sharin’ that one
with me. *kisses your shoulder”

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Is it okay if I ask you about Dusty too?
You’re always talkin’ ‘bout Dusty in your sleep…

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Sometimes you got me lookin’ around to see if
Dusty’s right there in the room with us, Terry…who is Dusty?

Terry: @ArleneFowler Dusty……Dusty is…was my best friend…he died right
in my arms *crying*… ain’t nothun worse than that, Baby.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *eyes widening, feelin’ my breath goin’ out,
not feelin’ more comin’ in*

Arlene: @TerryBellefle After seein’ those bodies in the parking lot
and Daphne in the freezer, I can’t imagine holdin’ a man while he’s

Terry: @ArleneFowler A dead body is just a dead body when you see
enough of them.

Terry: @ArleneFowler First time I saw one I felt…it was horrible…but
by my third one…kinda stopped payin’ attention…helps to keep you

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Come here, Bear! *pulling you close, wrapping
my arms around you, holding you real tight*

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Thank you, Baby. *kissing your forehead* You’re
real strong to be able to have gone through all that.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *kissing your cheek* Don’t you be scared to
tell me anything. I’ll always love you just a little bit more. You

Arlene: @TerryBellefle And, of course I want you here with me… Coby
and Lisa….and the baby.

Arlene: @TerryBellefle You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to
us, ever happened to me. Are you okay? Do you feel any better?

Terry: @ArleneFowler Can we watch the fishin ‘channel? *smiles*

Arlene: @TerryBellefle *smilin’ back* Yeah, we can watch the fishin’
channel, I love watchin’ that channel with you…

Arlene: @TerryBellefle Come on, Terry Bear! *pulling you up from
couch* You find that TV clicker and let’s go to bed.

Terry: *following @ArleneFowler to bed*

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