Enjoy A Bon Temps Family Weekend Getaway!

July 4, 2009 by  

bontempssignThe summer is long and families are always looking for a weekend getaway to relax. Why not visit Bon Temps? It has all the amenities families look for, with a calendar of events focused on small town life. The locals are friendly, a few so openly affectionate they ‘hug your neck’ just to welcome you! Don’t worry it is a local ritual and those marks will go away quickly (be sure pick up a tube of Dr. L’s Bites and Scritches Ointment available over-the-counter nearly everywhere in town!) and, for most, the experience is quite enjoyable. If you want to avoid the “friendly nibbles” welcome we suggest scheduling your itinerary  before sunset when bloodsuckers big and small come out from hiding.

Bon Temps is host to it’s own unique wildlife, where they can be enjoyed in their natural habitat. Full moons are the best time to observe the local wildlife, although it’s hard to find some of the locals during this time, even the bar tender goes missing (and you’d think it would be a busy night for him!). Folks have reported seeing packs of wolves, swarms of bats and even an occasional wild boar! Although opossums are strangely endangered locally (they are reported to be making a comeback!), it’s rumored that there is a Texas longhorn wandering the woods.  Try to book your weekend in advance so you can make sure to reserve “The Full Moon Adventure Tour”, it sells out quickly.

Afterwords you can head on over to the local watering hole, Merlotte’s, where the food is to die for.  The Merlotte’s staff is welcoming, warm and friendly. The establishments owner Sam Merlotte, greets each patron like family as soon as they walk in the door (most nights anyway).

We suggest sitting in Sookie’s section, she’s the local psychic..er … telepath, and one of  Merlotte’s better waitresses. While in her section, we suggest the ‘Sookie Special’ for a mere $4.99 extra, which you’ll have to pay in advance.  Then, while serving you up one of Merlotte’s delicious meals, you can also find out  what your husband’s been up to, and what the kids did with great grandma Bertha’s ashes.  Be sure to check that extra napkin carefully for your thank-you note from Sookie.

If Merlotte’s is too tame for you, you’re likely to be able to find some action over at Maryann’s house.  It’s not always open to the public though so be sure to look for signs and portents especially at the local liquer store who always seem to know when she’s hosting an event.  Don’t worry about what to wear, everything goes at Maryann‘s!

And don’t miss the local graveyard!  Not only do the tombstones date back before the civil war but also the scene of several murders (look around you might still see some blood!  Just don’t mention it to Merlotte’s other waitress Arlene, she’s really sensitive).  There are also some ante-bellum homes nearby but we advise that this should only be done as a day trip.

In addition there is a ‘Voodoo’ museum way out yonder in the woods.  Pay any kid a quarter and they’ll be happy to show you out there although don’t expect them to go in with you.  Please leave the drums and rocks alone when visiting.  The local witch-doctor, Miss Jeanette, seems to be on vacation but if you’re not feeling well, jack of all trades, Mike Spencer, Dr. Reynolds or, in a real emergency, Dr. Ludwig can step in to fix you right up (all require payment in advance as well though so take your Visa, Mastercard or American Express!)

If you’re in town on Sunday’s there’s a nice, local, Baptist church with sermons at 8 and 10 AM to chose from and there’s an outreach office of the “Church of the Sun” opening downtown next to the haberdashery this summer.

You can view the town’s website and check the calendar of events to schedule your Bon Temps getaway. We suggest booking it around one of the local town festivals. Hurry the value packages sell out quick!

To view Bon Temps many amenities and schedule of events follow the link below.


(photo credit: Triviagasm)