Enter The Dark Door

March 25, 2010 by  

It is what is behind the Dark Door that draws many a person’s attention, curiosity and foreboding.  It is interesting how some knock, some try simply to barge in uninvited, others use keys and yet more ignore such doors completely.

Some of us live behind the Dark Door, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good visit.   I am glad you entered…I sincerely hope you will be too.

As a member of the Gothic community, and the Vampiric Gothic community, I look to reflect upon True Blood as a fan with a dark lens.

We have something in common that is obvious to start – a love for True Blood on HBO. I am sure the specifics of that interest are as varied as the characters themselves…. like those of us that make up the Gothic community are so varied. With that said, know that I speak for myself alone and not for the whole community. The unique members that comprise it are capable of and do speak for themselves. I cannot imagine that Vampire Bill and Eric Northman would agree on every point besides their shared race. Hmmmm, I would love to see them in a political debate as a matter of fact. Very entertaining.

Let it be known that not all Goths are Vampires and not all Vampires are Goths. There are some shared interests and some individuals relate to both communities. However, it is always interesting when the mainstream wanders yet again into dark territory and we become momentarily fascinating again. Much like the vampires of True Blood making themselves known on the worldwide scale it is an exposure that is a double edged sword as some people react like our wonderful Sookie – with open mindedness and fascination, while others like Royce, Wayne and Chuck who burned Vampire Malcolm‘s house would rather destroy what they don’t understand (or assume they do).

One of the successes of the series – beyond the beautiful actors, fantastic balance of humour and horror, and edge-of-seat cliffhangers – is the presentation of vampires as suffering internal and external struggles as members of all communities do – regardless of the amount of eyeliner they wear. Seeing Eric mourning the loss of his maker Godric, Bill mourning the loss of connection with his human family, Eddie pleading with Jason for his freedom bring a fullness of character that makes me actually interested in what happens to them next. And through it all, Sookie – who is never portrayed as an unreachable saint, but rather an honest, hard-working woman whose courage, kindness and positivity are as unique as her telepathic ability – guides our eyes to give all characters, human and vampire, a fair shake.

With that introduction I am going to enjoy a beverage at my local version of Merlotte‘s and raise a glass to you until we meet again.


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