Entertainment Weekly Spotlight on “True Blood’s New Blood”

July 18, 2010 by  

True Blood’s third season has been shaken up by the presence of fascinating new characters added to the mix of our familiar favorites. Five of these newcomers to the cast are featured in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. They talk about their characters and some of the things they faced on the job.

Denis O’Hare, the veteran thespian behind Russell Edgington, discussed the difficulties of portraying a vampire–having to ingest large amounts of the sugary syrup used for blood, and trying to pronounce S’s when wearing the sharp speaking fangs. Neither Denis nor any of the other actors hinted at their longevity on True Blood, but the article does say that the King’s “never-ending appetite for political play is his downfall.” According to Denis,

“My trajectory is a tragic one. At one point I end up with rotten teeth.”

Russell’s companion, Talbot, is portrayed by Greek actor Theo Alexander. The character was initially envisioned to be British, but Theo wanted a chance for the part:

“When I read it, I said, ‘He’s very sensual, he’s very Dionysian, he’s very Socratic.’ He reminded me of Greek royalty. I wore my kimono [to the audition] because he’s wearing his robe in the first scene.”

Theo and Denis enjoyed spending time together before the filming to come up with some backstory for their characters’ 700-year relationship. Talbot’s not just there to be a pretty face with the snarky comebacks–executive producer Alan Ball hinted that his actions as the season continues would have “pretty far-reaching consequences for a lot of people.”

In league with Russell and Talbot is Franklin Mott, played by James Frain. He says it was a mark of his inexperience playing a vampire that he struggled to remove his fangs when everyone else could just pop them right out. According to James, Franklin truly does have feelings for Tara, but “his idea of love proves he’s a psychopath” in that his view is so skewed and narcissistic.

Moving on to the werewolf of the group, Joe Manganiello entered the show as Alcide Herveaux, protector of Sookie as she ventured to Jackson, MS. In the article, EW actually acknowledges a fan site for being the first to nominate Joe for the role–that’s the power of popular demand, folks! On the subject of the nudity that’s expected to play a werewolf (or any supernatural creature, or any human, really!) on True Blood, Joe mentioned that there are a few options for actors to cover–or not cover–themselves:

“A sock, a thong, and the ‘manty’ or man panty. You can go sans sock, [but] I come from a good Pittsburgh upbringing that raised me to wear a sock.”

Finally, we’re introduced to Lindsay Pulsipher, who is still a great mystery to viewers because we’ve only glimpsed her twice thus far in the season. Her character, Crystal Norris, grabs the attention of womanizer Jason Stackhouse. Lindsay says she’s different from other girls Jason has been with:

“She’s not so eager to jump into bed with him. She’s unaware of how courtship works.”

It seems that her storyline is going to be revealed slower than others, but Alan said that the people of Bon Temps will face danger directly related to Crystal. (How’s that for cryptic…)

Of course, there are a few other newbies in Season 3, but this was a great feature on these characters/actors and definitely gets us interested for what’s in store for them!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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