Eric Northman Makes Best Characters of 2010 List

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Eric Hits the List at Number 4

2010 is rapidly coming to a close and with the end of the year in sight; the time has come to reflect on some of the things that made this year great. So it is that spirit that I bring to you the news that someone else near and dear to our hearts has made a best of 2010 list. Earlier in the week, I wrote about Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin (Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse) making E!’s Best Couples of 2010 list. This time however, one of our own True Blood characters, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård), was honored by as one of the Best TV Characters of 2010.

The Secret Life of Eric Northman

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric NorthmanList and Grades cited the Swedish-speaking vampire as an anchor in an otherwise inconsistent season. While that assessment of Season 3is debatable, Eric Northman has been a compelling character to watch this season. When True Blood premiered in 2008, Eric was seen as an antagonist of the sweet southern gentleman Bill Compton.  In late Season 2 all of that changed as we watched Eric search for a vampire named Godric (Allan Hyde) only to discover they were progeny and maker. Season three continued to flesh out the character of Eric Northman by giving the audience flashes of a past I’m sure our blonde vampire would rather have kept hidden.

This season we were also fortunate to have more insight into Eric’s relationship with his own progeny Pam (Kristin Bauer Van Straten). These quiet moments, which may have been overlooked in all of this season’s action, proved that even vampires who have been alive for more than 1000 years have feelings too and very deep ones at that.

Eric Northman was ranked no. 4 out of ten and was in the company of characters such as Don Draper, John Locke, and Kurt Hummel. Not too shabby there Eric! Then again we always knew you were wonderful and we can’t wait to see what June brings us.

Season 4 is already in production and is set to premiere June 12, 2010

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  • Milly

    Congratulations to Alexander. His performance of Eric is perfect.

    • lizzie1701

      I don’t care about any polls or these little Lists. I Love who I love and you love who you love. End of story.

  • DJ

    Well said! When you think about it, that holds true for all the characters on the show. They all react according their own agendas and they are all played by extremely beautiful and talented people. If they weren’t so good at what they do why would we get so passionate about defending our favorites?

  • Hi everyone if the discussion continues to be Bill vs. Eric we are going to have to shut the thread down. We appreciate that everyone is taking the time to discuss this but we cannot do it as a Bill vs. Eric thing. Both actors and characters have their positives and negatives and we support both of them here at True Blood Net. Obviously everyone has their “favorites” but we cannot allow the discussion to get out of hand. Please keep the discussion respectful and no bashing other people’s opinions or any of the actors. Thanks everyone!!! 🙂

  • DJ

    My first comment was about the performances of Alex Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer van Straten in their roles. I still think they were exceptional in their understatement. I also think that Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of Bill Compton is worthy of comment. Moyer is the master of the low-eyed glower. He does it better than anyone since David Boreanaz left Angel.

    The discussion that followed concerns the characters of Eric and Bill as rivals for Sookie. I haven’t weighed in here, but have followed with interest. The complaints about each have validity. IMO, neither vampire is a healthy match for Sookie. Both are manipulative, self-absorbed and controlling; each in his own way. Paying attention to the behavior of the various vampires we have met, from Godric to Russell, caring for someone outside oneself doesn’t seem to be a natural vampire characteristic unless it involves said vampire’s progeny–and then only as an extension of the vampire’s own needs and/or wants
    –even when they try to act otherwise.

    This is not a healthy environment for a young human (or human hybrid) like Sookie. Humans of her age (mid-20s) are learning about themselves and the world around them. They are coming into their own individuality and learning about themselves. To be courted by creatures of near limitless power, to be constantly placed in harm’s way, to be used for someone else’s needs are all detrimental to the natural development of a young human’s character and maturity. It’s all much too overwhelming. It is a testament to Sookie’s strong nature, upbringing and, of course, unusual talents that she hasn’t been too severely harmed by either Bill’s or Eric’s machinations.

    Truthfully, I haven’t seen a single character on the show who would be a good choice for her. The nearest might be Alcide, but but even he, with his involvment with his pack and his absolute loyalty to his obviously inept pack leader would also make him a poor choice.

    I do love this show.

    • IATM

      i personally find it annoying that Eric’s character is even interested in Sookie..i find it annoying in the books & i find it annoying on the show evn moreso… AB hasent really helped Sookie’s character at all..& since she found out all of Bill’s lies at the very end of s3 & she knows sh is vampire crack & Eric used her as the Ultimate Vampire Dream..Bill let the Ratt’s beat her up till she was almost dead so he could blood bond with her..why oh why would Sookie even consider hooking up with another vampire is beyound me.. AB needs to most likely put her under a spell just so it would occur..otherwise she continues to look like Bon Temps biggest idiot…

      Even with all the dramatic changes for drama sake of Eric’s character on the show he still isnt defined by Sookie Stackhouse.. Sookie is a idiot & Bill perfer’s her to remain a idiot.. & i personally dont feel that Sookie is worth Eric Northman’s time but i feel the same way about him liking her in the books…

  • freeeone

    Eric Northman is the only reason I’ve continued to watch True Blood. Alex skarsgard is a fantastic actor. He’s made Eric come to life. Read the books.
    Really sorry to read all the “sour grapes” comments here. Eric can’t help it if he’s so HOT.

    • IATM

      Eric Northman is the only reason i continue to read the books & watch the show even though AB has given some of book Eric traits away to Bill on the show..

      Eric Northmn is the best character in the books & that say’s alot since the books are told by Sookie..on the show Eric is the Best even with the changes of his character he still outranks Sookie & Bill ..

      cant wait for s4 just so i can see more Eric & Pam …

  • tutie

    I can think of much better characters than Eric from True Blood that are worthy of recognition. Bill alone was incredible last season.

    Why would I route for Eric, a vamp who does everything possible underhanded to steal a woman from another vamp? Not to mention he used and put Sookie in danger AGAIN to get what he wants, namely his vendetta. He connives, lies, betrays and uses/abuses anyone and everyone to get what he wants. He makes my skin crawl.
    Not a character I would route for. Why would anyone find that appealing?
    For best villain, now in that Eric gets my vote.

    • jaxx

      Seriously??? Unlike Bill who has lied to Sookie since day 1, had her beaten up by the Rattrays in order to give her blood to save her and gain her trust,attacked Sookie in the back of a van and nearly killed her, oh yeah, that’s much better. What was I thinking????? Sorry,Eric gets my vote every time.

      • Shanea OConnor

        Hi everyone,
        Thank you for all of your replies on the Eric article I wrote up. But as Jaimie said earlier today, the motto of this site is Team True Blood. Discussion and debate are wonderful things. But please keep in mind that this is a place to offer constructive criticism and comments. Also, this list is only one of many that are appearing on the internet as the year approaches its end. This one is just one we happened to see and write up. So please remember that when writing your comments. Thanks!

      • tutie

        Yes seriously!
        Bill was doing a job. He did not know Sookie. But it is obvious that after those first 2 days he fell in love, and we know Sookie loved him at first sight. He kept the truth from her of their first meeting because of his love and to protect her from the pain of that truth. He was also afraid to lose her. Had he told her sooner she may have forgiven him, but he did not want to take that chance so he kept it from her. That was a mistake. But keeping that truth never put her in danger like Eric always seems to do.
        Bill did not tell her about Jessica because having to turn someone was so awful to him he couldnt bear talking about it.
        He killed Uncle Bartlet out of pure vampire revenge to avenge the woman he loves.

        Never has Bill betrayed Sookie, just couldnt reveal painful truths.

        You are actually trying to tell me that Bill KNOWINGLY drained Sookie in the back of the van? That is completely rediculous and you know it.

        How about Eric “giving Sookie to Russell as a gift”, words out of Pams mouth. He gave her to Russell to drain, he then helped him drain her KNOWINGLY, just to save his own hide. What a man.
        He used her KNOWINGLY in Dallas to find Godric. He called in Lorena to get Bill out of the way and almost had Sookie raped and killed. He KNOWINGLY let Longshadow attack her and almost killed her and laughed about it.
        What a man.

        So what will happen when Sookie finds out a few of Erics lies?

        Yeah, what a man. Get your own woman Eric, stop trying to steal someone elses.

        • sassyfrass

          Wow, FINALLY, someone to tell it like it is. Im right behind you tutie. I dont like Eric either. Some of you put him on a pedestal and glorify in his pathetic disgusting behavior.
          Yeah tutie, he makes my skin crawl too.
          Bill will always love her.
          Eric will care for her only after he uses her to find out who stole from him, only after he uses her to find Godric for him, only after he uses her to get his vendetta taken care of.
          So he will only care for her when it is convenient for him.

          Remember what Eric said to her at the mansion when noone else was around,”You mean nothing to me, UNDERSTAND, nothing, I am close to getting something Ive wanted since I was human, do not get in my way.”
          He meant everyword.

          Eric Northman is a pig.

          • jaxx

            Whatever, its like comparing apples and oranges. Some love Eric, some love Bill. It all comes down to what Sookie thinks and who she picks anyway and we’ll just have to wait and see if she can forgive Bill for all we’ve seen so far.

          • sassyfrass

            Yes some love Bill and some love Eric, but I always see Bill getting the wrong end of the stick and blamed for things that are not his fault or out of his control. Bill makes mistakes but you all make him out to be the bad one when we all know he clearly is not, and turn a blind eye to who is really bad here and that is Eric. If that is his appeal to you all fine, but I find him detestable and I am finally going to say it.

            You know Eric was more than happy to tattle on Bill in the finale, but did Bill EVER tattle on Eric?
            Did Bill tell Sookie that it was Eric who called in Lorena to separate him and Sookie? Did Bill tell Sookie that it was Eric who is making Lafayette sell V? Did Bill tell Sookie that Eric tried to blame the V selling on him?
            No, because Bill is so much a better MAN!

            What about Eric setting an assasin on Bill and during their romantic dinner? Eric knew exactly where they were. Shame on him.

            Eric is pathetic.

            How do you think Sookie will feel when she finds ALL this out?

          • sassyfrass

            I forgot to mention another wonderful scene with Eric (and I am sure there are more).
            Eric taunted and tortured a terrified and helpless Hadley. Not once but twice. To find out information for his own ends. At least Bill used his intellect to gain information about what Sookie is, not torture of innocents.
            Hadley was so terrified of what Eric will do to her that she fled.
            Do you think Eric will tell Sookie this truth?
            Jeez I am sure Sookie will understand, right?

            How anyone can like and defend Eric I just dont get.

          • jaxx

            I don’t get all this anger. This is all your opinion which is fine. To each his own.

            I continue to support Eric. We’ll just have to wait and see what Sookie does with the information she has and finds out about both vampires. It’s her call, not ours.

  • Hi everyone please keep in mind that we all like different things however we are all True Blood fans so please be respectful. Thank you!

  • val


    • DJ

      Well gee! If we all agreed all the time how boring would THAT be? It’s more fun to discuss, disagree (respectfully, please) and provide points and counterpoints. It enriches the viewing and makes us think–maybe even about points we hadn’t considered before.

      I’m liking it.

    • TBLover

      Or just fast forward all the Eric bits, especially when he is with Sookie! The rest of the show is great!

  • jaxx

    To each his own is right. I love the character of Eric Northman and I heartily disagree re his assessment. While he may appear cold to some on the outside, there is much, much more feeling and depth to him on the inside. Can’t wait to see what S4 will bring with him. Despite what many may think, he is paramount to the show.

    • Sangfroid

      Maybe one of my problems with him is he doesn’t seem like he belongs. I liked the southern feel of True Blood, and he adds nothing, in fact he detracts from it, rips me out of the south and places me someplace cold and grey and dull. I really don’t know why he is integral to the story. I don’t know why tacky, creepy Fangtasia has to be such a key location in the show. There is no reason for him or his story. Boggles my mind. A Viking? Why would a viking settle in Louisiana? Why would a supposedly super intellegent super powerful being want to be a drug pusher/loan shark/tourist-trap pub operator?
      In our imaginations we can create depth and back-story for any of the characters. Terry comes to mind. He is worth of development. Andy, Arlene, Hoyt – all good characters, who belong in Bon Temps. Any of them could have been brought forward and not detracted from the feel of the show.

      • DJ

        Have you been watching? The show told us the Eric never WANTED to push V, he was coerced into it. He runs the bar because it makes money. He settled in Louis by the queen who out ranks him. He lives in Louisiana because he was appointed sheriff of the area (i.e., vampire law enforcement).

        I didn’t care that much for him in the first season either. They didn’t develop him and all you saw was a cold bad guy. As the the second season progressed they began giving him some background and emotional range piqueing interest. Now he’s one of my favorite characters (along with Lafayette, Tara and Pam). I like that he contrasts so strongly with the other characters. I like that he provides a counter-viewpoint. I think he offsets the Southern characters well and provides a lot of tension between Bill and Sookie. Especially after the revelation of Bill’s betrayal of Sookie at the end of Season 3.

        I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Season 4.

  • Sangfroid

    Hmmm. To each their own. He leaves me cold, his presence, his voice, his carriage are dull (except when he bellows). He only dominates a scene by taking up so much space in front of the camera. He may be necessary to the story, but not a charachter I would watch a show for.
    Nice that True Blood has a variety of charachters to appeal to people for different reasons, so if Eric turns your crank, good for you.

    • TBLover

      Thank you for writing what I would have been afraid to write. The tall blonde one also leaves me cold.

      I started to hate on his character around the middle of S1 – hate what he has and will continue to do to Bill and Sookie.

      To each their own, I agree. Just not me.

  • DJ

    The incredible depth of feeling portrayed between Eric and his progeny, Pam, is entirely due to the exceptional talent of both actors. In a series marked by its sometimes extreme violence and graphic sexuality the tenderness portrayed by these two was all the more effective because it was so gently downplayed. Kudos to two people who knew exactly when to rein in the fireworks in favor of subtlety. Their scenes together were beautiful, moving and unforgetable.