Eric Northman Gets a New Love Interest in True Blood Season 7!

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Eric Northman Gets a New Love Interest in True Blood Season 7!

And it’s not Sookie Stackhouse:

Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard)Many fans of HBO’s True Blood have been waiting six seasons for Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) to hook up for good. While Season 4 saw them take a brief meander through Romanceville, there has not yet been the ongoing relationship that was portrayed in the novels by Charlaine Harris that the TV series is based on. According to E!Online, it seems like a long term relationship will not be occurring in Season 7 either!

It has been reported that Eric will be getting a new love interest that goes by the name of Slyvie (or is that Sylvie, perhaps?). Either way, E!Online had the following to say about this mysterious new character:

Slyvie is a drop-dead gorgeous and can speak fluent French.

Yowsers! I wonder what Sookie will have to say about that? Or will she even care now that she is shacked up with Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), Sheveport’s resident rogue werewolf? And why a French speaking woman? Considering Eric left us in the final episode of Season 7 as a sizzling vampire atop a mountain range somewhere in Sweden, it would make more sense he be rescued by a Swedish speaking woman. Oh, how the plot thickens!

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Source: E!Online – Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, True Blood, Teen Wolf and More!

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  • Luka

    I think Alan Ball screwed up what could have been a great series.

  • LAB

    TB (that’s kinda funny, actually) lost me several seasons back so I really don’t care who’s new, who’s with who, or how they decide to end it. Pam was the only female character on that program who wasn’t a shrill, overacting harpee.

  • Loleaf

    Why not they’ve (the writers) have screwed up the whole show anyway!!! Why they couldn’t stick with the timeline of Charlaine’s brainchild I will never understand. Yes add good characters thats great, but messing with the fundamentals of the book caused it’s ratings decline and cancellation of an excellent series that could have been so much more… Thanks writers you’ve done a Bangup job at killing our favorite show… Please next time stick w the books timeline that a way you’d have a fallback plan if you get lost.. Maybe the television writers of “Bitten”, Kelly Armstrongs Otherworld series will take heed and listen to what the actual book readers like to see on screen..