Eric Northman Named One of Television’s Top 5 Villains

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Eric Makes the List at No. 4

Freddie Kruger, Voldemort, Michael Myers, Jason and Dracula.  Everyone knows these popular movie bad guys.  Numerous lists have been created dedicated to movie villains but what about the fabulous TV villains?  Moviesonline.cahas come out with a list dedicated to our favorite TV badasses.  True Blood‘s Eric Northman made the list.

5.  The Cigarette Smoking Man (“The X-Files”)

Cigarette Smoking Man X-Files

The Cigarette Smoking Man played by William B. Davis, made the list due to his subtlety.  Quietly sitting in the corner of the room in a cloud of smoke and delivering news that you just knew wasn’t going to be good.  He wasn’t in every episode of the X-Files but his presence was felt throughout the entire series.

4.  Eric Northman (True Blood)

Eric Northman True Blood

True Blood’s viking vampire, played by the wonderful Alexander Skarsgard, makes the list for the way he rides the line between good and evil.  From one episode to the next you never know what you are going to get with Eric, from ripping the limbs off the humans chained in his basement, to showing his softer side with Sookie and Pam, Eric kept us guessing.  That is part of what makes Eric such a fascinating villain to watch. 

3.  Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)

Mr. Burns The Simpsons

Charles Montgomery Burns makes the list primarily due to the fact that the only thing he loves is money.  Burns will step on whoever he needs to (including children and animals) to achieve his goals.  If that wasn’t scary enough he owns a nuclear plant as well!

2.  Eric Cartman (South Park)

Eric Cartman South Park

Even though he’s an eight year old cartoon character, Eric Cartman easily made the list.  He is spoiled, selfish, racist and sexist and is another character who will do whatever it takes to get his own way.  Including kidnapping a friend and holding them in a bomb shelter to get an invite to a birthday party. 

1.  Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Dexter Morgan Dexter

Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall, is a unique serial killer.  He only kills people who deserves to die and has a strict policy against killing the innocent.  So nice to see a serial killer with a conscious.  When not killing people Dexter works for the Miami Police Department as a blood splatter expert.  The ability to hide the psychopath beneath is what earned Dexter the number one spot.

Tell us what you think – do you agree with this list?  Anyone missing?

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  • Marleneemm

    I’m sorry~ Eric Northman should be number two, not # 4.
    He’s a bad boy with a heart of gold.
    He looks bad~but inside of that chest,is a pure Viking lover.

  • roman

    I don’t agree either with Eric being a villain. Riding the line between good and evil is more anti-hero/complex than villain. Not to get too off subject, but I don’t really agree with any of these “villains” this person listed, especially Dexter. She’s starts by saying how evil Freddy Krueger is in the movie world and that he is a true evil villain, which he is, but then lists these TV characters like they’re in that same vein. These are just characters that do bad things, or act creepy (Smoking Man), but aren’t truly evil. Overall, this list just seems kind of silly. Russell Edgington, now that was a true villain (even though he had a soft spot in Talbot.)

    • Actually, roman, I think Eric could be better defined under the “Saint vs Sinner” of literature. Eric clearly has qualities that go under both categories… ie, he’s very loyal to Pam and to Godric, yet is also callous enough to lock Sookie in a dungeon with a collar locked around her neck so she can’t escape. However, IMHO Eric leans more towards the villain side since he always does things with his own benefits in mind, even when his actions help others out.

      And I have to agree on Russell Edgington. He is very clearly a villain. 🙂

      • roman

        “Saint vs Sinner,” that’s a very a good way to put it. Right now, Eric does seem more bad than good because of his vengeful needs, but I have a feeling this could change in future seasons.

  • lizzie1701

    Yet, that is how I see him! He does not care who he steps over to get his way. He has an assassin – why? To kill for him! He is also sly.

    Then, he is a Vamp and they all have these types of streaks, I guess it depends on whether you are will to change or not, like Vampire Bill.

    By that speech Alex gave at the Scream Awards, I think he was thinking he was more suited as a villain and was in the wrong category! lol.

  • loleaf

    If Eric is a villian for protecting the people he cares about..I guess that makes us all villians huh!!!

  • jaxx

    I really hate the term “villain” when Eric is described. He’s a complex character that has done a couple of unorthodox things, but he’s a vampire. That’s what they all do, even our baby vamp Jessica. But, villain, not so sure that term fits. Eric has a good, loving, gentle, caring, generous side to him as well as a darker side. That’s not the definition of a true villain in my book.

    • ~ Caitlin

      I coudn’t agree more jaxx. I never saw Eric as the villian. Yes, it’s more complicated then that. All vampires are ruthless. Bill has done things that are equally as awful as Eric has done. Case in point. Killing that young woman in cold blood and having sex in a pool of her blood. Bill and Eric have both have commited some terrible acts. Eric also very loyal. Villians are not usually known for loyalty. I believe Eric would sacrifice himself for Pam if it came to that. Even Alex said that he didn’t see Eric as the villian.

  • Bloody

    Eric is NOT a villain. period.