Eric Northman Is One of TV’s Top Villains

September 5, 2009 by  

truebloodblog_eric-hair-blood1Popwatch’s Mandi Beirly was wondering if Eric Northman was going to eat the children in last Sunday’s episode of True Blood. Alex Skarsgard does such a tremendous job with his role as Eric, some may wonder how much of the character is scripted, and how much of it is Alex‘s acting ability.   Several actions from Eric‘s scenes from episode eleven were pointed out from the way he leaned on his elbow as he listened to Sam ask for help, the wink he gave to Arlene’s kids, the way he fixed his hair after flying in to see Queen Sophie-Ann.  Before you start thinking that Mandi is giving Alex too much credit, she points out that Alex worked closely with the show’s costume designer for the hair foil scene in season two’s second episode.  It’s not doubted that Alex is doing an excellent job with his portrayal of vampire sheriff, Eric

Popwatch mentions that TV’s bad men (and women) tend to play second fiddle to big-screen evil and need to be celebrated.  So they are asking readers to let them know who are the best bads seen on the small screen.  Currently Eric seems the be the favorite bad guy on the screen right now.


Photo credit:  HBO Inc.