Eric Northman Is One of TV’s Top Villains

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truebloodblog_eric-hair-blood1Popwatch’s Mandi Beirly was wondering if Eric Northman was going to eat the children in last Sunday’s episode of True Blood. Alex Skarsgard does such a tremendous job with his role as Eric, some may wonder how much of the character is scripted, and how much of it is Alex‘s acting ability.   Several actions from Eric‘s scenes from episode eleven were pointed out from the way he leaned on his elbow as he listened to Sam ask for help, the wink he gave to Arlene’s kids, the way he fixed his hair after flying in to see Queen Sophie-Ann.  Before you start thinking that Mandi is giving Alex too much credit, she points out that Alex worked closely with the show’s costume designer for the hair foil scene in season two’s second episode.  It’s not doubted that Alex is doing an excellent job with his portrayal of vampire sheriff, Eric

Popwatch mentions that TV’s bad men (and women) tend to play second fiddle to big-screen evil and need to be celebrated.  So they are asking readers to let them know who are the best bads seen on the small screen.  Currently Eric seems the be the favorite bad guy on the screen right now.


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  • You are sooo right,Loleaf! And I agree with you, Val! 😉 Thank you for the compliment, Missyella! 🙂 Thanks for reading, guys! And I’m loving all the feedback and conversations!

    • Missyella

      Hi there Tongela, thank you!!!!

      I don’t know what we are going to do for over 10 months??? The withdrawal is going to be painful.

      I know! I have a fair few pictures of our man Alex on my Sony Mobile/Cell as you all call it (I am in London), so I can look at him everyday when I wak up and of course post comments on great sites like this.

      Roll on Sunday, excited but apprehensive all at the same time!

  • Danielle

    it was a dream but omg I wanted him to bite her they are sooo hot in the book series and on TV!

    • Missyella

      Hi Danielle,

      I was not sure about that, because we never saw the scene if there was one, of Sookie going to see Bill first, after Godric’s death, before heading to Eric’s room.

      The the sexiest scenes for me are in Club Dead, when Sookie wakes up and finds Eric in Bed with her, (her Lace Panties), my lord!!!!!! then the next scene when he gives her his Blood and he gets so excited he makes her back wet!!!! Charlaine Harris can most certainly stir your Loins lol

  • Missyella

    Great article Tongela, from the first scenes at Fangtasia, you knew without a doubt that this character Eric/Actor Alex was a face to watch.

    And boy are we all watching him!!!!

    Alex is wonderful in his portrayal of Eric and I loved the scene of him fixing his Hair, while asking Bill if Sookie has by any chance mentioned him?

    Do you think he was alluding to the kiss at the beginning of ep 11, when she came to his room after Godric’s meeting the Sun???

    Was Sookie dreaming this? Or did that kiss actually take place?????

    • Loleaf

      I also wonder if some of it was real, but just not mentioned yet!! Because, I would think that Eric would want to know about Godric meeting the was such a tender moment between Eric and Sookie that it couldn’t go without something being said about it. It may be a start of their friendship since Sookie has seen that Eric can be good if he wanted to. I believe that he showed LaFayette that he could be somewhat caring by healing his leg (instead of the alternative of loosing it from the gunshot wound),since Sookie holds him in high regard. Once Sookie thinks about it I believe she will see that also..

  • Loleaf

    Gone are his days of a glorified extra!!!(At least that’s what he said he was in the first season) But we all knew that wasn’t so, as soon as we met his character!!!! Alex is an awesome actor, and they couldn’t have chosen a better person for the part of Eric!!

    • val

      AND-he’s hot as a pistol!!!!

  • Thanks, Vi. I understand that English as a second language is very difficult to learn. So, kudos to you. Thanks so much, Nadeen! Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  • Thanks for reading, Vero! Vi, thanks for pointing out the typo. I hate typos as much as the next person, and it has been corrected. There certainly isn’t anything difficult about the word, but after working a full time job, taking care of my daughter, studying for teacher certification, and then writing articles for the site (at some times very late at night)…mistakes happen. At times there is no way around that, I’m human. Maybe if I were a vampire, I wouldn’t get tired or misspell words. Lol!

    • Vi

      Of course, and I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just… English isn’t my first language, and I guess somewhere, somehow, the teacher’s training gets through after all.

    • Vi

      And thanks for changing it!

    • Nadeen

      Awesome article as usual Tongela! ( Typos get ppl some crazy,lol ok…..) Your really great at multi tasking good luck on your certification; My sister is a teacher and she loves it!

  • Vi

    Oh, for fudge’s sake, it’s villains. villAIns. With -ai. What on earth is so difficult about that word?

  • Vero

    He is the main reason I watch TB. 🙂