Eric Northman,Vampire … Anti-Hero

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What is it about Eric Northman that draws and mesmerizes so many?  The infamous vampire bar and club?  The snappy attire?  The bold yet casual swagger? The fact that he is an authority figure?  These are all reasons that legions of fans are attracted to this charming and enigmatic vampire gent.  The character also has a hard edge and a dark sense of humor, which I think makes him more interesting and fun to watch.

Each episode with Eric reveals another facet to his personality. Early in the second season, after viciously attacking someone in his basement dungeon, he asks a horrified Lafayette, “Did I get blood in my hair?”  This is just one example of how Eric can be scary and funny at the same time.  The scene where he, Pam and Chow prey upon Lafayette is evidence that he is a fierce predator.

“True Blood” fan Mary from New York  says, “I find him to be sexy because there is an element of danger about him. There is also hope for Eric because of the way he was loyal and protective, to a fault, with his maker, Godric.”

Tommy, a writer and fan of the show says, ” I think that Eric knows his own strength and that may sometimes intimidate people around him; even viewers. He may come across as arrogant  and yet it may be simply that he is comfortable with himself.”

Jaxx, an avid fan of the show had this to say, “I think that in the next season, we will see even more of a breakthrough with Eric. I believe that he is a diamond in the rough and has much potential to change.”

I think that Eric Northman, like many of the other characters on the show, is a layered and complex person.  We, the viewers and fans, do not know if he is good or bad.  Much of his past seems to be cloaked in mystery, too. He can be treacherous and deceptive but he can also be loyal and protective with those few he cares about. Eric is a complex character. He acts tough but in the second season of the show, he saves Sookie’s life twice. Once,when she was attacked by the Maenad and then again when Luke MacDonald bombed out a building where she and Eric were present.  He is fascinated with her, and watching his desire and curiosity grow over the next year should be quite appealing.

Unlike Bill and Sam, Eric cares little about acceptance from others or about integrating vampire and human culture in society. Eric does things his own way and he makes no bones about it. He is seen by some as the consummate rebel, a non-conformist. Although, he may be just as wounded on the inside as the others, but more adept at hiding it.

Fans would agree Eric Northman may well be the hottest vampire on TV to date!  He has mesmerized many with his charm and dominant personality.  It will be quite interesting to see how his relationships with others, including Sookie, progress during the next couple of seasons.

With Eric there are many more layers to unravel but I don’t think his adoring fans mind that very much.

Do you have a viewpoint on Eric? Please feel free to post it in the comments below!  Remember, no attacking each other, keep it civil!

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