Evan Rachel Wood Covers Vogue Mexico

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True Blood’s Queen Covers the February 2011 Issue

Evan Rachel Wood by James White for Vogue Mexico February 2011Evan Rachel Wood, “vampire and fashion muse”, graces the cover of Vogue Mexico next month. Fitted in a stunning Gucci trench coat, the actress channels Queen Sophie Anne Leclerq with a compelling and fierce pose.

The February issue should hit the stands soon. Let’s hope Evan’s interview dishes on True Blood and what’s to come in Season 4! For instance: Will the Queen return this Season? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: art8amby.wordpress.com – Evan Rachel Wood for Vogue Mexico February 2011

(Photo: James White for Vogue Mexico)

  • i read some comment today by a fan who said who will win the showdown between bill and sophie at the finale of season 3,do you know who i reckon will win, pam dressed in leather in that scene doing the in between rounds holding rounds 1-3 cards[kidding]colin.

  • heres my answer to the fan beefield who sent me the comment about the ‘min min’lights here in outback australia your not the only one who has seen those lights as you may know,they really are truly unexplainable i have seen stories on the news and current affairs about them and stories have been circulating about them for years-heres a tip for you and- any others who may encounter them-stop the car,hazards lights on or off if they get any closer either run like crazy or jump into a cactus bush or any other shrubbery outthere[joking].sorry to spoil your story ‘honeycomb’ from colin who loves eating honeycomb crackle cadbury chocalate,full blocks at that.

  • Natalie

    Actually, the Queen has much more potentials than anything she has been written so far. She should have been smart and menacing. I am still baffled at how shallow, spoiled, and childish she was.

    • Natalie, I still think that at least part of that is an act. It could quite possibly be one that went so far that even QSA believes it….

  • wanner

    shes match with eric…so gorgeous

  • billismine

    QSA must return to finish the fight with Bill and for us to see who is the victor!