Evan Rachel Wood Dishes on True Blood, Sookie, and Season 4

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A New Love Interest…Perhaps.

ERW by Steve GranitzIt’s a long wait until June, but luckily for True Blood fans Evan Rachel Wood (Queen Sophie Anne) recently dished on our favorite show and Season 4!  The talented actress chatted with Fancast about working on True Blood, the Queen’s sexuality and whether or not we’ll see the Queen pursue Sookie – romantically.

Wood discussed the sexy and “beautiful gore” nature of vampire themed shows. Because of her involvement, she’s now stopped on the street by True Blood fans addressing her as “The Queen”. The good news is that she doesn’t mind! And while she couldn’t reveal any specifics, she described season 4 by saying she knew it would “be out of control”.

Discussing her character more, Wood went on to talk about Sophie Anne’s sexuality and whether she thinks the Queen is bisexual or a lesbian:

“Vampires, are I think in general just both.  I don’t think there is a preference for them.  But she has made her choice.  I would say she is a lesbian.”

When asked if the Queen was really going to pursue a relationship with Sookie, Evan responded:

“I hope so!  Come on, it’s gotta happen.”

Would you like to see something brew between the Queen and Sookie? What other new relationships do you hope are in store for us? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source fancast.com – Evan Rachel Wood Dishes On Nude Scenes, ‘True Blood’

(Photo Source: Steve Granitz)

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