Evan Rachel Wood Loving New Job On True Blood

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1240619592Evan Rachel Wood made quite an entrance as Queen Sophie-Anne in Sunday’s episode, “Frenzy.” From her femoral artery feeding, to the Yahtzee game (I guess no one can call you out for cheating if you’re royalty!), to her illuminating conversation with Bill about the effects of religion, the Queen made her mark on the world of True Blood.

Having grown up in a home where Anne Rice books were read to her, Evan Rachel Wood has a fascination with, and an understanding of, the undead. When she recently spoke to the New York Daily News, she observed what makes vampires appealing:

Vampires are both romantic and dangerous. They could kill you or they could make you live forever. And it’s that anticipation of what’s going to happen that drives people crazy.”

She loved Season one of True Blood so much that she offered herself to Alan Ball for any guest roles, and accepted the part of Queen Sophie-Anne before even reading the script.

Without any real point of reference to put herself in the mindset of her 1,100-year old character, Evan found inspiration in Christian Bale’s performance as the twisted Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

It is already known that Sophie-Anne will be featured more in Season three. Evan doesn’t know what is in store for her, although she suspects that she might have to get naked since that seems to be a common truth for True Blood’s actors. She also wonders whether her character will possess a unique ability:

“She can communicate telepathically with other vampires. That’s something that was in the books. I don’t know how much they’re really going to explore it on the show, but that might lead to a connection with Sookie.”

For Evan, True Blood is the perfect show to work on:

“I feel like I have 500 different sides of myself, so when I read something that’s kind of different and weird, I’m curious about it and I want to dive in. I love the acting on the show. There are a lot of new faces involved, everybody does a great job. I love the writing–it’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s vampires, it’s me.”

Who knows how much longer Maryann will last on the show after the sacrifice showdown in the finale in two weeks, but Queen Sophie-Anne seems fully capable of carrying on the crazy next year. As for Evan, she has probably had a great time joining the tight-knit cast, and it will be great to see what Alan Ball has planned for her!

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  • I just watched season two. I am not a regular poster on any tv/or film sites, but I just had to see what others were saying about ERW’s performance on True Blood. I thought it was AWFUL! She looked great. Big props to the hair, makeup, and wardrobe people, BUT her terrible acting made her scenes unwatchable for me. Im glad Im not alone in this opinion.

  • Kelly

    How many Lafayette fans are out there? I wish we could see more of him!!! Brilliant!! And extremely fabulous. 🙂

  • Liz

    Team Eric AND now Team Alice!! You clearly did not attack ERW, but merely expressed your (spot-on) opinion of her performance as Queen. I am so glad that I am not alone in my opinion: I was stunned into silence after seeing her premier. The setup of the scene was so incredibly visually seductive and alluring that I could have conceded to being agreeable to a not-so-great performance from her. Now that I think of it, maybe this was an attempt to cover-up what the crew knew was going to be a small disaster. If this was the “best of the best” take, if this performance equaled her audition at minimum (but should have exceeded it), then I ask: What gives? Why would you jeopardize the success of your show in this fashion? Why not pick even an unknown actress who could pull off this part? A part that an actress would give an eye for-with the countless layers of depth and emotion that await discovery?? Just please, don’t feel the need to hire a “name”, because you are selling out your fans and the integrity of this show.

  • Greta

    The blonde vampire tv spokeswoman oozes authority and is so much more regal and intimidating than ERW who plays a queen….

  • alice


    I understand your point of view, and I have not “attacked” anyone posting on this site. I have simply written my opinion of a casting choice, expressing my point of view as a writer (which happens to honest, a bit irreverent, and always with a sense of humor that allows for a scrotum now and again.)

    We’re talking about a series that involves blood sucking, drug & alcohol abuse, rampant nudity, sex and orgies. Who knew that fans of such a series would be so easily offended? In fact, I don’t feel comfortable posting here because I have been attacked for not being respectable enough for your site. You guys sure know how to “suck” the fun out of a Vampire series.

    • Kassie

      I’m siding with you on this, Alice…for it is apparent that you made no such attack on anyone posting here. As viewers and fans of this show, we should be able to point out when we disagree on whether we like someone’s acting or not. As I said before – I much prefer the secondary characters here…precisely because of their acting. And I’m not so much of a fan when it comes to Anna or ERW’s acting…on this particular show.

    • Well said, Alice. I agree with you. I guess some people have chosen “not to see” the rampant nudity, sex, oral sex, or hear the explicit language which is part of an HBO series. Your comments were directed to the acting and the dress of the actors. It was clear. As I have said before, my opinion is that AB made an obvious mistake in casting ERW as the queen. She is completely unbelievable in the role (as part of the book and in the TB series). She stands out, more than any others to me, as totally unbelievable as her character.

  • Janie Logan

    While you are all free to voice your opinions and criticisms of True Blood, please do not use this as a place to attack the actors. They’re just doing their jobs the best that they can.

    • Alice

      I’m confused. If we are free to voice opinions and criticisms of “True Blood”, but are not free to critique the actors performances, well… then that isn’t really being free to discuss the series. Writing, ACTING, casting, direction, etc. are all components of the show. Without criticism, how are the people in charge supposed to know that a portion of their fan base is unhappy with their casting decision?

      Evan Rachel Wood’s first appearance on the series seemed fake and unbelievable. This should concern her employers. It definitely concerns me as a viewer. She took me out of enjoying her scenes because I was so aware that she was “acting”. We’ll see in the finale — but I’m not expecting much better from her.

      If the irreverent nature of my first post offends you, well then, that is your opinion and I can take the criticism. I find it much more effective to sum things up with a quick “sucks a scrotum”, rather than go into lengthy polite explanations such as this.

      • junglered

        I had never heard of ERW until she was cast as queen, therefore I had no opinion of her at all. As far as her acting ability in other productions, I wouldn’t know.. But just close your eyes and listen to her say her lines in “Frenzy”..she sounds like a high school-er reading out loud! Her agent called Alan Ball seeking a part on TB..could it be ERW’s interest in another cast member(AS)peaked her interest in being on TB?
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion about an actors performance. But AP auditioned atleast five times for the part of Sookie, and I’m sure Alan Ball chose the best person for the part.

      • Hi Alice,

        Yes we want people to voice their opinions but we would appreciate a certain level of decorum that does not resort to vulgarity. Many times I have seen such nasty comments made elsewhere on the internet which I personally find very disheartening. I have enjoyed reading the comments people post here and deeply appreciate that the fact that most people are able to maintain lively discussions and assessment of the episodes or the characters without name-calling and can agree to disagree in a respectable manner. We want to maintain such level of decorum so everyone feels safe and comfortable to comment here without feeling they will be attacked. You may “find it much more effective to sum things up with a quick “sucks a scrotum”, rather than go into lengthy polite explanations such as this”, but we find the majority of the posters do go into polite explanations and that is how we would like to maintain it. 🙂

  • Alice

    I overlooked Paquin because the show is done so well in every other respect. But with the introduction of Evan Rachel Wood???!!! She is BAD. VERY BAD, and her performance basically sucks a scrotum. HBO, please stop yourself from ruining a good thing — stop hiring horrible actresses based on “name” alone. Regarding the casting decisions, I get the feeling a bunch a guys are hiring who they want to see naked rather than who is best for the part. Get rid of the stupid, young one-dimensional floosies!

  • EricInTheShower

    I thought Evan ruined the role of the Queen. Her acting sucks and I pictured her to be a lot more elegant.

    I agree Anna Paquin makes a strange Sookie compared to her description in the book. She should have blue eyes and be a little more plump appearance wise. I do think that Anna is a great actress!!

  • Mone’y

    I think Evan Rachel Wood did a wonderful job as Sophie Ann Leqlerc. she brings out the essence of the character well. Sometimes i think people are too critical of the show it isn’t supposed to be exactly like the book , it’s inspired by the books. As far as the third season goes i am looking forward to the storyline involving the death of Hadley and the vampires of Arkansas and the fall of the queen of Louisiana.

  • truebloodfan

    ERW is one helluva talented actress and i do like her acting better than anna paquin. so please, leave it or watch it, evan’s gonna stay until the next season

  • Mariee

    I have always been a fan of ERW but I thought she over acted her scenes. Not a great fit for this show in my opinion

  • deborah

    well , I love Anna as Sookie and Evan As the Queen , I think the show really lifts the books to a new level higher than expected I think Evan was suppose to have some unforgetable body gards and that was a small let down seeing the very discriptive gards and her interact will be the star to her crown working with just extras and bill & haddly doesn’t really show her real talent but it did show her beauty /even if undead .& the respect & lack of she gets from bill and Eric I think they are awsome and wish they could make the seasons longer and more eps. per seasons I can’t seem to get enough of them and would watch way more should they deside to give it a longer run each season 25/30 eps. per season 🙂 thank you

  • shelby

    WHY people don’t like Evan Rachel Wood???? I think she did a good job! woohoo!!!!! hehehehehehe!!!!

  • Options

    ERW was doing well until she started speaking.

  • Kristin

    I totally disagree sati Anna is an AMAZING actress and is the star of the show why do you even watch it is you cant stand her? I mean it’s based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels and she DOES play Sookie…

    as far as Evan goes.. I liked her always have.. she played the role differently than I expected from reading the books but she’s wonderful

    • Mara

      I still watch, but I too don’t like Anna in the role of Sookie I wish that they had picked someone else, so really you don’t have to like the lead girl to still enjoy or watch the show.

    • Lauren

      People not liking Anna’s acting or Sookie (and Bill for that matter) is quite common in this show. You watch for the secondary characters who are in my opinion much better.

      • Kassie

        I couldn’t agree more…while Anna seems like a wonderful person, her acting in this is not the reason I watch. The “secondary” actors are so much more interesting to me.

  • sati

    The only one they need to get rid of is Paquin, she is just terrible, such a poor actress everytime she is onscreen she is so bad it is embarassing.
    Evan made a terrific Queen, can’t wait to see more of her

  • truebloodfan1

    Well Evan Rachel Wood seriously sucked. I was worried when I heard she was cast as the queen and I was right. She memorized her lines and showed up for taping but she sure didnt give the role her all. She was a VERY poor choice for the queen. She isnt the greatest actress to begin with……Please get rid of her before she ruins the show!!

    • Jaxx

      I definitely agree with TF1, ERW should have probably at least read the script first and then read her part in the books for research like everyone else seems to have done. Hopefully, she will read these comments or someone will tell her about them and she will do a much better job portraying Queen SA next season. She will be as annoying as Maryann by the end of season 3 and that will do it for me.

    • I’m with you tbf1. I also did not like ERW in the role as Queen Sophie-Anne. I would picture someone more like Rose McGowan, or maybe even Parker Posey in the role for the series. I think they would be more interesting, and have more of an attractive and commanding presence than ERW could ever have on a good day. ERW stands out a bad casting decision for TB.

    • antonio

      I,too was rather disappointed in her performance.