Evan Rachel Wood Loving New Job On True Blood

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1240619592Evan Rachel Wood made quite an entrance as Queen Sophie-Anne in Sunday’s episode, “Frenzy.” From her femoral artery feeding, to the Yahtzee game (I guess no one can call you out for cheating if you’re royalty!), to her illuminating conversation with Bill about the effects of religion, the Queen made her mark on the world of True Blood.

Having grown up in a home where Anne Rice books were read to her, Evan Rachel Wood has a fascination with, and an understanding of, the undead. When she recently spoke to the New York Daily News, she observed what makes vampires appealing:

Vampires are both romantic and dangerous. They could kill you or they could make you live forever. And it’s that anticipation of what’s going to happen that drives people crazy.”

She loved Season one of True Blood so much that she offered herself to Alan Ball for any guest roles, and accepted the part of Queen Sophie-Anne before even reading the script.

Without any real point of reference to put herself in the mindset of her 1,100-year old character, Evan found inspiration in Christian Bale’s performance as the twisted Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

It is already known that Sophie-Anne will be featured more in Season three. Evan doesn’t know what is in store for her, although she suspects that she might have to get naked since that seems to be a common truth for True Blood’s actors. She also wonders whether her character will possess a unique ability:

“She can communicate telepathically with other vampires. That’s something that was in the books. I don’t know how much they’re really going to explore it on the show, but that might lead to a connection with Sookie.”

For Evan, True Blood is the perfect show to work on:

“I feel like I have 500 different sides of myself, so when I read something that’s kind of different and weird, I’m curious about it and I want to dive in. I love the acting on the show. There are a lot of new faces involved, everybody does a great job. I love the writing–it’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s vampires, it’s me.”

Who knows how much longer Maryann will last on the show after the sacrifice showdown in the finale in two weeks, but Queen Sophie-Anne seems fully capable of carrying on the crazy next year. As for Evan, she has probably had a great time joining the tight-knit cast, and it will be great to see what Alan Ball has planned for her!

SOURCE: nydailynews.com

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