Evan Rachel Wood Lands New Role on HBO

March 7, 2010 by  

Long live the queen. Evan Rachel Wood, best known to True Blood fans as vampire queen Sophie-Ann Leclerq, will play alongside Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce in HBO’s miniseries Mildred Pierce.

The basic story revolves around a single mother trying to survive Los Angeles amidst the Great Depression. As her financial situation improves, Mildred’s relationship with her eldest daughter wavers.

Winslet is set to play the title character in the five-hour miniseries. As of right now, Wood‘s role has not been announced, but speculation suggests she’ll play Winslet’s daughter, Veda.

Mildred Pierce will be an adaptation of James M. Cain’s noir novel of the same title. The project will be directed by Todd Haynes and filming will take place in New York from April through June.

We’ll see how this vampire queen holds the screen with her new co-stars. Definitely something to look forward to.





(Photo credit: HBO Inc., screencap by James)

  • Maryanne

    I am very interested in seeing Evan play out her role as Queen Sophie Ann in Season 3. This Sophie Ann is not the same queen as depicted in the books. I think Alan Ball mentioned that this queen is insane, which may lead to her demise. I hope Evan will be able to get that point across in Season 3. Wishing her good luck (break a leg?) in “Mildred Pierce”.

  • Ckayed

    She is the only “mistake” so far in the True Blood casting. Should have been someone else chosen for Sophie Ann LeClerq, Evan was horrid. I agree with Angela, you could tell she was acting – nothing organic about her scenes. Glad the queen is killed off in the series so we don’t have to watch her too often on True Blood.

  • Angela

    I hope she plays the part better than she played the Queen. She wasn’t good in that role. I could tell she was acting, and that’s not a good actor to me.