Everything – Bill and Sookie Fan Video

May 7, 2009 by  

This fan video was made by FiFreckles on YouTube done to the song “Everything” sung by Lifehouse. This video shows the growing romance that develops between Bill and Sookie. In the video the music goes very well in demonstrating the powerful attraction that Bill and Sookie have for each other and their need to be together.  A great video to fall in love with the romance of True Blood and Bill and Sookie. Enjoy!

  • Jessica

    I love all these Sookie & Bill videos!! I am an avid believer that that they belong together!! I know he messed up, but hes sorry and he LOVES her soooo very much..isn’t that what life is about? Forgiveness?? Yhey love eachother! I’m sick & tired of hearing about how everyone wants her to be with Eric!! HEs a great charecter, but Sookie & Bill are ment to be. 🙂