EW Names True Blood Cast #2 Entertainer of the Year

December 20, 2009 by  

eric_and_bill_lobbyTrue Blood earned a spot in EW’s annual Entertainers of the Year issue for being the best vampire story for adults. From meat trees to orgies, Season two was totally bizarre–and totally irresistible.

Alan Ball said he felt like the show had become a phenomenon when he saw Team Bill and Team Eric t-shirts online. For Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer, the actors who play the vampires that have divided fans into passionate teams, they hope that their relationship, not just with Sookie, but with each other will be developed further. Alex liked that Eric went from being Bill’s sheriff in Season one to a more complex character. Stephen describes what he envisions for their history together:

“Me and Alex have this dream that we’re going to cut to Bill and Eric in this disco in the ’80s in, like, Berlin or something. And Bill‘s in leather.”

That would be amazing to see! Who else thinks Alan Ball needs to make that happen?

SOURCE: EW via sookiestackhouse.com

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Janie Logan

    LOL! I’m glad you are all having fun on here picturing Bill dressed up in leather.

    And, Nia- if you haven’t already, you really need to get a copy of this issue of EW! The picture that goes along with the article is a very cute one of Stephen and Anna!

    • Nia

      Hi Janie,
      I have been a very long time subscriber to EW. I was so ecstatic when I saw my copy this past weekend!!!!
      I went over to EW and wrote them a very very nice Thank You and thumbs up!!!
      And yes, it is a great pic of Stephen and Anna.
      They have amazing chemistry on and off the show. We are so lucky to have them as the leads of True Blood!

      • lizzie

        Hi Nia and Janie,

        Is the hard copy of EW the same as the electonic one I get? It seems to be Eric friendly and that Austelio bloke writes for it!

        • Janie Logan

          Haha, Lizzie, I know what you mean–they are pretty obsessed with Eric over there.

          The hard copy of the magazine is definitely worth getting for this week’s issue. On EW.com, they often do not post pictures from their photo shoots, and if you click on the source link for this article to sookiestackhouse.com, you will see a scan of the page. That picture of Stephen is cut off. If you get the issue, you’ll find a very lovely photo of Stephen holding Anna on his back.

          • lizzie

            Thanks Janie. It is a lovely picture of Anna on Stephen’s back! They are such a lovley couple!!

  • lizzie1701

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Nia – our boy in leather!! Dancing!! Yes!!! I know they have cast a female Were who will be in Germany during the war but that is way too early for Disco Bill!!

    Nia – we now what he looks lile in a leather jacket – imagine all leather My knickers are getting twisted!

    • Nia

      Knickers knotted and twisted!!!!
      You got that right!!! LOL
      In our wildest dreams sister!

      • lizzie

        Oh Nia! Lets do the “Knotted and Twisted” chant!! It may come true!!! It works for finding car parks! It has worked for AB in the past!

        • Nia

          Ha Ha Ha! You make me LOL!

          We will chant morning, noon, and night. You at one end of the world and me at the other end!

          I believe in Alan B….knotted and twisted knickers
          I believe in Alan B….knotted and twisted knickers……..

          • lizzie


  • Jennifer

    I guess that would be cool, and I hope like hell that the hot Sookie and Eric sene will be in season 3 just like it was in the book. Meow that was hot!!!!!!

  • jay

    I’d love to see the show explore bill and eric history, that would be such a laugh to see!
    Congrats TB!
    Just read book 10 chapter 1. CH released it on her website.. Interesting read. Now I cant wait for both the show and the book! ARGHH! I hate all this waiting!!!!

  • lizzie

    “Entertainers of the year!” Yes, Nia, we hav known this all the time!

    Isis – Bill in leather – well, what can we say but BRING IT ON!!!

    • I may have to contact the neighbor of a person I babysit for (he’s a producer of True Blood), and BEG him for a scene like this! It would be AMAZING!

    • Nia

      It is so awesome Lizzie!!!!!
      I have got to see our boy decked out in leather and maybe disco dancing???? We know he can dance but can you imagine??
      C’mon Alan we are dying here!!!! LOL
      Congrats to the team!

  • Nia

    Janie this is so exciting!

    #2 Entertainers of the Year.

    Its about time others realized what we fans have known all along.
    Alan Ball, and his incredible cast, have come up with a show that is so innovative, mezmerizing and chalk full of amazing talent, how could it not be at the top.
    Congratulations to them all and all the best for the seasons to come.
    We are waiting with great anticipation for the next season!

    Thanks Janie!

  • Lori

    OMG a scene like that would be hilarious!

  • LOL, I KNEW there was a reason I picked up a copy of EW at the airport before I left for NY! The article is pretty good, and I’d LOVE to see Bill in leather! YUMMY!