Examining Vampire Bill on True Blood

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Since the beginning of “True Blood” I have found myself intrigued with Stephen Moyer’s portrayal of vampire Bill Compton. As I watched the series I found myself more and more drawn to the character’s internal turmoil between what he is and what he

wants to be. Then I started to realize that perhaps part of his appeal apart from his incredible good looks and sex appeal was how we can relate to his torment and feel for his conflict.

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As we watch the series we see that Bill tries to change and fit in, however, his past seems to catch up and throw him off track. Yet he doesn’t give up and is determined to fight and struggle for what he desires to have in his “undead” life. How many time have we found ourselves trying to change our behaviour, habit or image of ourselves to only find someone, something or even ourselves preventing us from reaching our goal for change. Regardless of what the situation is, it doesn’t let you forget your old ways and tries to control you to keep you from changing. Bill struggles constantly to “mainstream” and change who he is and how he chooses to live his “undead” life as obstacles are placed before him to make it difficult. Without providing any spoilers to those who will be just tuning in to Season 1, all I can say is the urges that he feels are so strong that at some points he has to follow them even if they go against the pogo “moral” fibre that he strives to regain. Regardless of his current “natural” state I cannot help not feel compassion for him and root for him as he struggles for a new beginning. Too online casino many times people get stuck in their own self-destructive behaviours that even when given the chance to change they don’t take it out of fear. I see the potential for him to change and redeem himself not only in my eyes but in his own eyes as well. A chance, an opportunity, a hope that perhaps he will make it and things will work out for the better.

It is probably why my heart aches when Bill is faced with another obstacle that gets thrown in his face. You want him to have a break, a chance to be happy. We are all too aware when we are trying to change that if we get knocked down enough we will give up and revert to our former selves. So I tuned in each week to watch Stephen Moyer convey so many emotions with the slightest movement of his body, his glance and expression to make me care about this character as if he were real. However, in some ways he is real because we can see a little bit of ourselves in him and wishing the best of luck for him. I look forward to season 2 to see what lies ahead for him and hoping that the “demons“ within him and outside are conquered and he finds peace.

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  1. astarais says:

    why does everyone think Eric is good looking?…When i look at him, i think he has a face like a grasshopper … sry don’t mean to offend