Facebook Group to Support Sam Trammell on SNL

November 29, 2010 by  

Sam Trammell, Sam MerlotteWe’re moving on the campaign to get True Blood‘s shapeshifter Sam Trammell to host NBC‘s Saturday Night Live. The actor expressed his interest and is more than talented enough to do it. And now you can show your support by Liking the Facebook Fan Page – Get Sam Trammell on SNL.

The fan page has updates on Sam, videos, and pictures. So come on, Truebies, let’s make this happen!

You can also help by contacting NBC through their website. More information on how to do this can be found here.

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)

  • Missy

    We don’t get the programme in England, but why not let Sam host, I am sure he is more than capable……

  • Antonio el lobo

    I don’t understand,i guess. SNL is Nothing like it once was.
    I think that Sam and the rest of the cast is Too Good for the likes of SNL! This is MHO

  • I just bought the 1st and 2nd full seasons of True Blood on DVD and I love Sam Trammell in them! He is a great actor and very sexy and sweet… He needs to do SNL. Lets get him on that show!!!