Casting News: More New Faces Added to True Blood Season 4

March 7, 2011 by  

Three New Characters Added

Casting is well under way for season four of True Blood, and more new cast members have been announced by! Three new recurring characters have been cast, and they will probably add a lot to True Blood’s next season.

One of the new characters is Claude. He’s Claudine‘s brother and will be played by Neil Hopkins, who once portrayed a character on Lost (Charlie’s brother Liam). We really don’t know much about Claude yet, but we look forward to seeing how he’ll affect the lives of Sookie and her friends and family in Bon Temps.

Another new addition to the cast is Christina Moore. She’ll be playing a Texas housewife with some special abilities named Suzanne McKittrick. Christina will be shooting her recurring role while she’s on hiatus from Hawthorne. We don’t yet know how Suzanne will affect True Blood, but we can’t wait to find out!

Chris Butler (from The Good Wife) will also be joining the cast of True Blood. He will be playing a conservative shapeshifter named Emory. Emory is described as being prissy. We don’t know anything else yet about his character, but it sounds like he could possibly cause a few conflicts for some of our favorite characters.

What do you think of the newest set of cast members on True Blood? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Marlene Emmett

    Let’s hope that Alan Ball gets the casting of these character’s
    right~ Claude is supposed to be 6’tall,LONG dark curly hair,thin,.
    Let’s hope he looks that way.????
    Who’s Emory? he wasn’t in the books.
    Susan McKitrich? Who’s she? She also wasn’t in the books?

  • Emma

    hmf.. i dont think hes looking like claude.. in the books he has long dark hair. He’s a blondi

    • wanner

      thats what the “WIG” create for….. juz like erics at the early season wif the rough blonde hair….hahha

  • ~ Caitlin

    If you go on YouTube and type in Neil Hopkins on Lost. There is a 6:54 minute montage of clips of Neil(Claude) on Lost and some other shows.

  • Kelly

    Ok, I found this:

    Look at the guy on the right, and tell me he isn’t meant to be Quinn!! Shave his head, and bam! He’s super tall, too.

  • Bazteal

    Sooo excited for the new season! I always picture Niecey Nash as Claudine (beautiful, soft, happy, curvy) when I am reading and re-reading the “Dead” books, so seeing this Claude kind of shatters my ideas, but he is handsome enough to fulfill the book character in the looks department. The other 2 look great as well. Bring one and all as long as they don’t cut into Alexander Skarsgard’s time or weaken the story line. I’m still waiting to see Sookie in the same room as Sam’s brother…what is in that kids head? Need more Pam time, too. And thanks for asking.

    • Personally, I had really been hoping that Andrew Bowen would be cast as Claude. He’s even hotter IMHO!

      • Bazteal

        Oooo la la! I checked out your link and he is mighty fine. In the books Claude is a self-centered, narcissist with no fellow feeling…who is so gorgeous he commands your attention…and when he chooses to charm you, he is able to melt you on the spot. If they bring him to life from the book that will bill a tough bill to fill. So excited. Thanks for sharing the link.

      • ~ Caitlin

        Hi Isis,

        I looked at the link and that other guy is good looking. I think the guy they chose fits the part in the looks department. They usually to an excellent job with casting. We’ll just have to wait and judge when the show starts. I was a Lost fan and kind of remember him from the flashback. He’ll probably have a British accent in the show so that is a plus. I really liked Claude in the 10th book.

        • Bazteal

          Yep, Claude became a real character in book 10. I usually feel the flavor of the books in True Blood but it isn’t following the books closely. Like Tara, in the book has a questionable background, but she didn’t have to cuss in every sentence. I don’t think it makes her look tough nor does her cussing add anything, in my opinion it is just tacky. It will be interesting I am sure.

  • ~ Caitlin

    Yay Claude! I wonder what Claude will be like in the show?

  • Stella Sutkiewicz

    I don’t mind new characters but I don’t want so bloody many of them that we lose significant screen time for the principles. We need to focus on them a lot more than they did last year. I mean… Sam’s white trash shifter family – Did anyone care? I got a laugh out of Joe Lee’s filthy droopy drawers but I would have rather spent more time looking at Eric without his…

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Stella,

      I get what you mean. All though I didn’t mind Sam’s family storyline but I was ready for Joe Lee and his nasty underwear to go. I do think there were to many characters last season. I want to see more of the main cast. Kristen was supposed to be a regular but it seemed like we didn’t get to see Pam half the time. Jessica could havve been used a little more. That’s just my opinion. I am happy about Claude. I think you will get to see more Eric next season. LOL