A Fan Encounter with Alexander Skarsgard in Louisiana

November 11, 2009 by  

A wonderful True Blood fan named Lori contacted us and wanted to share with us, and with other True Blood fans her experience meeting Alexander Skarsgard (who you all know plays the 1000 year old viking vampire sheriff Eric Northman) when he was in Shreveport, Louisiana filming his movie “Straw Dogs.” Many True Blood fans knew that Alex was in Shreveport and were hoping to be lucky enough to cross paths with him.  As it happened Lori was one of the lucky ones to meet Alex and take a photo with him.  Lori wanted to share with us her wonderful experience and show us all what a nice guy Alex is and how generous he is with his fans.  So now I will let Lori tell her story on meeting Alex.

I am a big fan of True Blood and Alexander Skarsgård, so when I  found out that he was filming “Straw Dogs” in my hometown, I really hoped to be able to meet him. I waited until the last week of  filming to try and meet him at the hotel where the cast and crew  were staying. I sat at the bar in the lobby for about two hours,  hoping to spot him, but had no luck. After two drinks, I decided it wasn’t meant to be and gave up – but before I left, I realized that  I needed to use the restroom. After using the restroom, I was  walking through the lobby to the sliding front doors when in walked Alexander!

He had his hood up over his head so I almost didn’t recognize him. I said “Hey Alex” and he stopped. I stuck out my hand and introduced myself to him and he smiled and shook my hand. I told him  that I was hoping to see him there and asked if he would mind taking a photo with me. He said sure so I pulled out my iPhone. I had no one with me to take the photo so I told him I’d have to take it myself. I tried taking the photo but because he’s SO tall, I cut myself completely out of the photo and got only half of his head! We both looked at the photo and he said “Here”, then he took my phone, deleted the  photo and suggested we ask the desk clerk to take it. I agreed.  So we walked over to the front desk but, the clerk was busy with another customer. While we were waiting, I apologized to him for taking up his time and told him that I knew he was busy. He said, “It’s no problem”. Then when the desk clerk became free, Alex asked if she would take the photo for us.  She agreed and so Alex handed her my phone. He put his arm around my shoulders, I put my arm around his waist (squee!) and she snapped the photo. The desk clerk handed the phone back to Alex and he handed it back to me. I thanked him for snapping a pic with me and he said, “My pleasure”. He turned and thanked the desk clerk as well and then walked away.

I was in such shock that I forgot to tell him how much I love True Blood – but I guess he figured that out!! He was very polite,  soft-spoken and so very nice to pose for the pic with me. I was and still am on cloud nine!

What a fantastic story and really demonstrates what a nice guy Alex is. We are very grateful and honored that Lori was so happy to share her story with us and with all the True Blood fans.

Once again Lori thank you so very much for taking the time to share your experience with us!

Me& Alex

(Photo credit: Lori)