A Fan Encounter With Stephen Moyer In New Zealand

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A wonderful True Blood fan by the name of Cindy was so kind and generous to share with us, and with all True Blood fans, her encounter with Stephen Moyer, who portrays vampire Bill Compton on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood, in New Zealand.  As many of you know, Stephen is in New Zealand filming the action mini-series “Ice” based on the James Follett book and directed by Nick Copus.  As Cindy begins her story she states that she is a huge fan of True Blood and as fate would have it she would have her encounter with Stephen in of all places, a store in Piha on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand. I think the best way to present the story to to have Cindy tell it in her own words.


Cindy, Stephen Moyer and Lani

I work at the Piha store on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand just one day a week and lucky me, that was the day Stephen came in. I didn’t actually get to serve him because I couldn’t I was making a coffee for another customer.  However, I saw him right away and couldn’t believe it! What the heck is he doing here in Piha of all places ??????! Well, by nature I’m quite cool and collected so I didn’t say a word! Honest.  He asked if there were any washrooms and I blurted out where they were and he kind of looked at me like, “she’s on to me….?” I’m not sure but I must have given it away that I knew who he was.

He left to use the bathroom whilst his panini toasted so I knew he had to come back. As soon as he left I lost my cool exterior and screamed throughout the shop. But why of all days, NO ONE WORKING WITH ME THAT DAY WATCHED TRUE BLOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!  He came back in and I just couldn’t say anything I was star struck completely!  Well Piha is a small community so I jumped on the phone and called one of my friends who actually got me into True Blood and told her to get down here, as he was sitting outside of the shop eating and writing, with me peering like a crazy woman through the side window.

Thank goodness my dear friend Lani, who is the gorgeous woman in the  photo with us, brought her camera and forced me to go outside and talk with him.  Finally I did. I just said “excuse me, I’m really sorry to interrupt your writing but would you mind if I had my photo with you?”

Of course he said yes and smiled very sincerely. I felt like such a groupie and I really didn’t want to disturb him, or make him feel like I just wanted a photo and didn’t appreciate it. I held my hand out and introduced myself, he shook my hand and said his name and that was the magic bit for me. I asked him what he was doing out here in Piha and he informed me about filming in Kare kare, and thought he would have a break and have a look around.

I wanted to mention how that was so interesting that he was filming there when that was where Anna filmed her first film The Piano, but I wasn’t thinking very clearly!

We have a surfboard in the store that all the celebs that make their way to Piha, and there is a lot because its so lovely, that they sign the surfboard, so he even signed that with “bite me.” Nice !

Well, I said thank you very much, he actually came back in the shop with me to buy something and that was that. I thanked him again and tried to keep it together and just gave him a big smile. He was lovely and went back outside to write some more before leaving.

That’s it! I spent the rest of the day just amazed at how lucky I was to meet someone who I appreciate as an actor. True Blood is truly great and the Bill character is certainly fascinating.

What a wonderful encounter and we are very deeply, grateful and honored that Cindy was willing to share her story with us and with all the True Blood fans.

Once again Cindy thank you so very much for taking the time to share your experience with us! We all enjoy it immensely!

(Photo credit: Cindy)

  • natasha874

    Stephen looks nice =)

  • NanaVamp

    Thank you for sharing your good fortune.. I would have just fainted and would have missed it all.

  • Michelle

    How lucky for you. I am so envious at this moment. He obviously is a very generous guy who appreciates his fans. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful moment. And what an awesome picture.

  • JANE


  • Grace

    I live in New Zealand and cannot believe I didn’t know he was here…

  • Antonio

    COOL!! I wonder what he was writing? Taking notes for his role in the mini series? a love letter perhaps to Anna? a letter to his kids? Perhaps a quick greeting to Alex as I understand that He and Alex are good friends. Could it be that he has his own ideas about S3 of TB?? Hmmmmmmmm!! The Pic is Really Cool! I probably would have either passed out cold or had an anxiety attack! LOL 🙂

    • Lizzie 1701

      Hi Antonio! I’m with you! I was wondering what he was writing as well and I agree! I would have passed out or had a panic/anxiety attack!

    • NanaVamp

      Hi antonio…If I didn’t faint, then I probably would have tripped over myself…and landed on my face….ugh

  • Linda

    How lucky can someone get? I would have died on the spot! Stephen is so beautiful and such a nice person to boot. I love reading about fan encounters with him because they are always complimentary of him. If I can’t see him, it’s the next best thing I guess.

  • Lizzie 1701

    Wow! What luck! I would have been awestruck as well!

  • MarleneEmmett

    Lucky lady! She’s going to remember that for a long time.

  • Good story….And what a lucky fricken gal, Cindy was!! Oh, and her buddy!! Geez, I wouldn’t EVEN know what to do!?? Just, be all thrilled, I guess…He is such a cutie!! Damn….

  • kiwijk

    Great story from Cindy. She is so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BillsNumberOneFan

    I would have been starstruck too. Cindy is so lucky!

  • Fangs4Ever

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • eva

    Thank you so much for getting this story from Cindy.
    Thank you Cindy, and thank you Cindy’s friend for bringing the camera. You too are soooo lucky. He’s so adorable.

  • Steve is just an awesome guy! Lucky Cindy for such a great chance meeting!