Fan Event Gives True Blood Spoilers for Season 3

June 4, 2010 by  

A major fan event – the True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience – occurred on June 1st with a Q&A session with the show’s executive producer and cast.  In addition to Alan Ball, those participating included Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), Ryan Kwanten (Jason), Sam Trammell (Sam), Rutina Wesley (Tara) and Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica).  The event was hosted by Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly.

Little teasers were shared, giving fans more spoilers for Season 3, which starts on June 13, just a few days over a week away.  Thanks to Hollywood Crush, here are some tidbits we hadn’t heard before.

We know that the chemistry between Sookie and Eric intensifies, but finally Alexander admitted that Eric is more than a little intrigued about Sookie.  She is different but he can’t figure out why.  And while he enjoyed toying with Bill over his protectiveness of Sookie, Eric is not playing any more.  His attraction for her is now much deeper.

As for Sookie‘s feelings, Alan believes her attraction to Eric is more than the blood connection they now have.

“I think, definitely, the blood is a big part of that,” he said.  “But I think during that sequence where Godric met the sun, Sookie saw a side of Eric that no one else has seen.  She saw him at a really vulnerable moment.”

In other articles, we learned that Sam will spend Season 3 searching for his real family to discover more about himself.  The problem is, Sam Trammell said of his character, Sam thinks he can find them and meet them, then go on his merry way.  Not.  “There are some really big twists that are very disturbing that happen.”

Knowing that the fans wanted more, Alan gave more True Blood teasers.

“One of the people seated here tonight will get new hair.  There are creatures besides werewolves that we’ll meet.  Someone’s going to take their clothes off.  We’ll see a bit of a dark side from some of our characters who we wouldn’t expect it from, including Ms. Stackhouse.  We’ll see a dark side to Sookie.”

Wow.  Sounds like this will be an amazing season!


(Photo credit – HBO Inc.)