A Fan Experience with Stephen Moyer on Regis and Kelly in PEI

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As True Blood fans are aware Stephen Moyer was in Prince Edward Island, the smallest and greenest province in Canada, for the live taping of his appearance on the Regis and Kelly show.  Many True Blood and Stephen Moyer fans were ecstatic to see him in person including Lisa Marie who was very gracious to share with us her experience and photos of the event.  Below is Lisa Marie‘s wonderful encounter with Stephen Moyer.

I had the amazing opportunity to be in the audience during Stephen Moyer‘s appearance on Regis and Kelly, from Prince Edward island Canada! The segment was taped yesterday (July 12) and will air (July 14).

The show was to begin at 12:30pm, and we arrived in line at 8am. There were only 30 people in front of us, so we knew we would get amazing seats!

After all the VIPs were let him, we ended up being DEAD center, and only 6 rows back!

My heart raced when they announced Stephen Moyer, and he proceeded on stage. This man is absolutely STUNNING in person, and his personality is amazing. It literally radiated across the crowd!

One of the first things Stephen did was laugh when he seen the HUGE crowd and said that it looked like Woodstock, and he should be “playing a guitar or something!”.

Out of all the interviews I had seen — Stephen‘s was the best by far!! He was friendly, interacted with crowd between commercial breaks.

During one commercial break I yelled “Sookie‘s Mine!” in my best Bill impersonation voice. Well Stephen laughed, and laughed, so hard he was grabbing his stomach and said “You guys are amazing! .. but Sookie‘s Mine!!” AND he said it in his Bill voice!!!I really wish I would have taped that!! But I didn’t think he would do it!!

He was asked about True Blood during the interview. He said that during the taping of this season he actually had quite the accident on the horse he rode (which was the scene when he was on horseback w/ the King of Mississippi). He had fallen off of the horse, and just so happened to have fell on the ONLY cement piece on the whole set! He said he was quite hurt 🙁

He also said that will we find that True Blood will almost completely veering away from the novels this season. Having more story lines going on, and really coming into “its own”.

When asked about his relationship with Anna Paquin, he said that they kept their relationship private for quite some time. Hiding it from the cast and crew, as they wanted to make sure it was ‘real’, and didn’t’ want to hurt the show because of it.

You could tell by his interview that he is truly IN love with Anna, his face lit right up when talking about her!!

After his segment was over. He didn’t leave right away. I think I lost interest in everything else on stage, because I spent the whole time watching Stephen over by the fence, signing autographs for people who couldn’t get in to see the show, and doing photo ops!! You could see him smiling and talking to everyone! Such a great guy! I did want to run over, but since the show was taping, I would have gotten thrown out! LOL Those were definitely some lucky fans!

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Many thanks to Lisa Maire for writing this wonderful post and you can enjoy her many photos in our photo gallery by clicking the link here.