A Fan Story: Meeting Alexander Skarsgard

September 22, 2009 by  

One lucky lady had the chance that many True Blood fans dream about–she met Alexander Skarsgard. He is currently in Shreveport, LA, working on the film Straw Dogs. This fan, Renee, seems to have intentionally bumped into him. She can’t remember exactly what she said to him at first. Of course, we can all understand a little heart racing and lack of clear thought at a moment like that!

She asked him about his favorite scene in Season 2 of True Blood:

“I would have to say when I played the warrior in my human past because it was so much fun talking in my native tongue.”

Renee says he was very sweet, taking a picture with her, and then with her 3 year-old son who made Alex laugh. Then he gave her a hug and went on his way.

How nice that she got to have that wonderful experience! Here’s hoping that many more fans get the opportunity to meet Alex in the future and experience his kindness, too.



SOURCE: alexskarsgard.net

(Photo credits: Renee McConnell)

  • lovesEricAndAlex

    gasp! whatta gorgeous man! such a lucky girl sigh…

  • Meisha

    That is very nice:-)

  • val

    I think if the group of us RAN into him he’d be in trouble!God he is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    • missyella

      Hahahahahahahahaha, how true.

      Yet still some gossip sites like Just Jared, have tried to make the meeting between Alex and Rene, sleazy.

      What is wrong with these people??

      Do they want Alex to go back to Sweden????

      • val

        How can they look at that pic of the two of them and call it”sleazy?” She is a young mom with a child-so she likes Eric,who wouldn’t?You would have to be blind! If I was her husband I might be a little jealous,but it looks perfectly innocent to me-some people can’t keep their minds out of the gutter!(Personally I’m single and would LOVE his brawny arms around me!) What could be sleazy about that?

        • missyella

          Here, here, I totally agree.

          And if he was to hug me, I would not wash for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Ahhh sooo jealous! I would’ve bumped into him too!

  • Nadeen

    Ok dam hes hot! Those arms and hes glistening…..kinda hot right now!! Dam

  • Options

    Wow he looks good with that tshirt but then again everything looks good on him … what the hell 😉 wearing nothing looks good on him as well lol.

  • karin

    look at those arms i want that tshirt right off his body. yum

  • trinity

    oh soooo jealous!

  • Vero

    Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!!!

  • Shilo

    Oh so want to meet him, he looks really yummy here.