Fancast’s Top 10 Moments of True Blood Season 3

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Waiting sucks, doesn’t it?  The good (and bad) news is there is only a week to go before the finale of True Blood Season 3.  To help tide us over until next Sunday, Fancast has put together their top 10 moments from this season.  See if you agree.

10. Sookie Gives Alcide A Sponge Bath (Episode 304: 9 Crimes)

I’m not sure it was a “sponge bath”, exactly, but really, who cares?  Any excuse to see Joe Manganiello shirtless.

9.  Sookie Is A Fairy (Episode 310: I Smell A Rat)

Yes, Sookie is a fairy.  For those of us who are fans of the books, we already knew this.  For those of you are True Blood fans exclusively, maybe the reveal was “f—ing lame.”  Certainly, the fairy world as depicted on True Blood is fairly (or is that fairily) lame.

8. Debbie Pelt Is Initiated Into The Wolf Pack (Episode 304: 9 Crimes)

Debbie gets stripped, humiliated and branded.  Gee, I so have to join that club.  Not.  You’ve really got to feel a bit sorry for Debbie.

7. Franklin Sends A Text Message (Episode 305:  Trouble)

“Watch how fast I type motherf*cker.  It’s cool right?”  Franklin was such a lovable psychopath, wasn’t he?  We are going to miss him.  Tara not so much.

6. Bill Twists Lorena’s Head 180 Degrees While They Have Sex (Episode 303: It Hurts Me Too)

That scene took the definition of rough sex to a whole new level.  Obviously, Lorena didn’t have a safe word worked out with Bill.

5.  Russell Marries Sophie Ann and Kills The Magister (Episode 307:  Hitting the Ground)

Isn’t love grand.  Pity the Magister-head bouquet went goo all over the floor.

4. Bill Attacks Sookie (Episode 307:  Hitting the Ground)

Dramatic scene, yes, favorite scene, not so sure.

3. Eric Sleeps With Talbot – Then Kills Him (Episode 308: Night on the Sun)

Eric proves that revenge can be hot and cold all at the same time.  Poor Talbot, we’ll miss him

2. Eric Burns Himself Alive To Kill Russell (Episode 311: Fresh Blood)

See above.

1. Russell’s TV News Meltdown (Episode 309: Everything is Broken)

Russell auditions for Vampire Master Chef with a recipe of parents and children. It was a fabulous moment penned by Alexander Woo and brought to life by Denis O’Hare.  Spectacular!

Not sure this is my top ten.  What do you think?

Source: Fancast – True Blood’s 10 Most Memorable Moments of the Season

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  • ~ Caitlin

    One of my favorite scenes was when Bill threw the lantern at Lorena and she burst into flames. Also,I loved the Sookie/Eric porch scene. The Pam/Eric scene in his office was a beautiful scene. I liked when Pam/Jessica discussed how to dispose of a body. Eric’s flashback was excellent. I liked Bill’s flashback when he goes to mourn his son. There is so much going on this season it’s hard to pick and remember everything. Some of the ones on the list are good though.

  • val

    I really liked the Russell kill scene at the TV station! The ending line was priceless-“and now for the weather-Tiffany?” Denis Ohare is such a great actor! Trueblood is so lucky to have SO MANY great actors-I am gonna be so in withdrawal after next week!! Sigh!

  • lizzie1701

    Some of them are iffy. What about:

    * when Sookie see sees Bill for the first time at Alcides? The way Alcide moves aside and we see a blurry image of Bill in tracky dacks and Sookie runs to him and jumps him!

    * the “I love you” “I’m so sorry” moment with Bill and Sookie!

    * the lovely sex scene between Bill and Sookie and the the “vampire” sex Sookie gives Bill!

    * That wonderful shower scene between Bill and Sookie – especially when he is drinking her and caresses her breast!
    HOT!!!! That KISS and the closeness of their bodies!

    * The Bill and Sam scene – hard water anyone?

    * Bill killing the Weres – what about the Were ear in his mouth? The way the Were’s were circling Bill?

    * The scene in Bill’s car with the Were’s and the way they were draining him and Bill’s comeback by killing the Were by snapping his neck then crawling out with Coot’s gloves?

    * the way Bill came upon Olivia’s home and then fed and glamouring her! So many scenes that were much better than the ones mentioned above!

    • Nia

      You are so right Lizzie, there were so many memorable scenes so far this season it is hard to write them all down. But I will add just a few more:

      -Bills griefstricken, heartbreaking backflash to his family and the loss of his son.

      -Eric throwing Sookie to the filthy “dungeon of doom” floor and then putting a chain/collar around her neck like an animal.

      -Bill and Jessica’s training session.

      -Sookies catfight with Debbie Pelt.

      -Bills entire torture scene with Lorena and his subsequent burst of strength even with the silver shackles on, to pull Lorena off Sookie and hold her for staking.

      -Bills declaration of love and willingness to let Sookie go at the hospital after he gave her an infusion of blood.

      So so so many wonderful, incredible scenes that made this season as great a season as the first season.

  • JANE