Fangtastic Fashions: Greta Garbo Fashion Icon

May 8, 2010 by  

Thumbing through a fashion magazine while sitting in Dr. Ludwig’s office waiting to get her annual Hepatitis D vaccination, Pam sighs with disgust as she tosses the issue back on the table. “Human’s they haven’t the first clue of what a real fashion icon is.” Rolling her eyes. “Miley Cyrus please.”

After recently reading filth of this nature, I find it imperative I continue to give my two cents in this publication on fashion. It seems obvious no real fashion expert will step up to the plate; so, obviously moi must do it.

If I were going to personify a fashion icon it would not be one of today’s pop stars, Betty Ford Clinic lifetime celebrity members or reality television show winners. Do any of you human’s know what a real fashion icon even is? No Cyndi Lauper is not the correct answer. Fashion is about more than just style, it is about personality, style, charisma and attitude. If you are not confident in what you wear or how you wear it, it doesn’t matter if it is Givenchy straight off the Milan runway.  First you need to slip on your confidence before you ever take a thing off the hanger.

Greta Garbo the notoriously private Swedish born actress whom never attended social gatherings, gave interviews and was extremely reclusive, rather known for her style on-screen and off. Greta would be one of my picks for a real fashion icon. This lady knew how to take simple pieces, use what she was given and work it. This ladies is exactly what I have been trying to get across to you.

Greta had a style of her own often adorning hats such as fedoras, berets and cloche hats. Essential pieces Greta often wore were tailored silk shirts, trench coats, wide leg trousers, dresses which accented the waist, scarfs, thin belts and lots and lots of shoes! Greta would often order up hundreds of pairs of shoes at one time! A woman after my own heart. Topping these items off with a lovely set of long strand pearls. A few of Greta’s clothes consisted of men’s clothing; so ladies feel free to steal that white Armani button down of your man’s closet. A bit of advice, tell him his shirt is at the cleaners, this always works on Eric. This human, Greta… or so you all assume *wink* knew how to work an ensemble to make a real appearance! Even today her name is still a legend hand in hand with fashion, after all Madonna even sang about her. Bravo Greta!

I bid you all adieu until next time when there is another fashion crisis, which looking around, should not be long. TaTa!