Fans Can Support Alexander Skarsgard’s Cause

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alexander-skarsgard-tails-for-whales1Alexander Skarsgard, Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, recently answered the call issued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and showed his support for the Tails for Whales campaign. He shot a photo for their Web site, and has also been spotted wearing an anchor necklace. Kristin Bauer (Pam) also posed for a whale tail photo and lent her support to this awesome animals rights cause.

Thanks to Cadsawan Jewelry, fans can now purchase a necklace inspired by the one Alexander wears and made especially to support this cause. All of the proceeds from the purchase of this necklace go directly to IFAW! What an awesome chance to show some love for the whales and for Alexander! Apparently the necklace that Alexander wears is no longer being made by its manufacturer, so the folks at Cadsawan Jewelry teamed up with Skarsgard News to create this new necklace.

anchorsfinalThe necklace is made of 100 percent recycled silver and retails for $220. It is currently available at a sale price of 15 percent off, to help get support started. It features three different anchors and a small whale tail.

How cool to know that Alexander is aware of this effort to help support his cause! I’m sure he appreciates all of the support the campaign can get.

On the Skarsgard News site, the editor pointed out some interesting information:

Editor’s note: Just so this can go on the record, Alexander does know about this. I told him our plans for this and he is well aware of this site’s efforts for helping in the Tails For Whales campaign though his name is not officially behind it.

This necklace is a fan’s chance to show their love for animal rights and Alexander Skarsgard. Are you going to get one?


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(Photo credits: Skarsgard News)