Is True Blood Net part of the HBO network?
No we are fansite. This site is not affiliated with HBO or the True Blood cast/crew in any way.

Can you get me a part on the show?
No, unfortunately we have no influence in getting you a part on the show. If we did don’t you think we would be on it ourselves! All we can recommend is that you contact your agent to go through the proper channels.

Can you get my music on the show?
No again, we have no influence on the selection of the music for the show. If you wish to submit your music contact your agent.

I can’t stand what is happening with (character name)on the show, can you change what is going on with the character on the show?
No, we have no influence over the script of True Blood and what happens on the show.

Is True Blood coming back for a second season?
Yes, season 2 of True Blood is coming back and the cast and crew are currently filming. The Premiere date of Season 2 is slated for mid-June 2009.

When will the DVD for True Blood Season 1 be available?
The official release date for “True Blood – The Complete 1st Season” on DVD and Blu-Ray is for May 19, 2009. The set will include 5 discs with a running time of 720 minutes. Bonus material will be included which will consist of a Documentary, an Audio Commentary plus other extras. The video will be sold in widescreen version with audio in English Dolby.

Do you know where they are filming season 2 so I can get a glimpse of my favorite actor?
No we do not. This information is not made public due to security reasons and if you do find out where they are filming, please be respectful and do not disturb them. The cast and crew work long hours and any distractions just makes the shoots take longer to get done.