Feed a Starving Actor and Say, “Happy Birthday” to Stephen Moyer!

October 14, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer in Detroit

It’s Stephen Moyer‘s Birthday

You know the guy that plays tall, dark, brooding and handsome Vampire Bill on True Blood. Every year we provide the fans a way to say ‘Happy Birthday‘ to Stephen by supporting the Brentwood Theatre. This year we’re running a ‘Feed a Starving Actor’ campaign! Brentwood Theatre, for those that don’t know, is where Stephen Moyer started his acting career. He has such a tender spot for it in his heart that he’s their number one patron! Every year between Stephen’s birthday and the end of the year we collect monies to somehow help Brentwood out. We’ve helped them renovate the theater, sent kids to the holiday performance and this year we’re going to help them feed their actors. The actors at the Brentwood Theatre get paid but not a whole lot. In order for them to keep body and soul together in one piece Brentwood tries to get locals to bring by food dishes which is really fun and keeps the community involved but it also only provides a few meals a week. So this year, we’re going to ask you to sponsor an actor’s meal.

Three Prices, Something for Every Pocketbook!

For a mere 5 dollars you can have your name added to a list of folks wishing Stephen a ‘Happy Birthday’!  For 10 dollars you can add a personal line and for 20 dollars you can send a whole letter and our friends at Brentwood Theater will ensure that your message gets to Stephen. Please be sure to leave your message in the Paypal comment to seller window as you are making payment. If for some reason you clicked past that then contact us at the little envelope at the top of the page and we will ensure your comment or email gets sent on to Brentwood and then to Stephen.

Five Dollar Name On Card:

Ten Dollar Ten Word Greeting:

Twenty Dollar Letter to Stephen Moyer:

We know times are tight everywhere that’s why this year we’re trying to offer a lot of different choices in how to reach out and say thanks for giving us the fantasy of Vampire Bill without breaking anyone’s pocketbook. Just remember, you’re never so old that ‘Happy Birthday’ doesn’t make you smile!

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  • you know what, you dont even have to ask me to donate for this actors birthday,its just good to see this sort of work goes to real charities,know where was i awwww,thats right dont go reading to many comic books now like i did as a teenager at the conventions now, col.

  • Hi Jaxx, One of the only Eric fans i like. I love Bill. I am a Big Bill fan. Check out my art on vampires anonymous on facebook. It is under fangbangers allie. I love him and adore everything he does. I am more a Stephen Fan than a Bill fan I guess. I did not miss his b-day but thought i would post it on here to. I donated to the gulf fund in honor of his birthday. I hope he is well and had a wonderful day. I hope he reads this and I wanna say this is your biggest fan in North Dakota USA. Love and kisses form me fbforbill and Bill’sberry. I was Jessica this year for halloween and my daughter was Sookie. Everyone loved it a lot. Love you again and thank-you tbnet for all you do.

  • katie :)

    Happy birthday 🙂 hope you had a good day 🙂 xx

  • Bella

    awww my sweet and loving favorit man vampire (who im in love with)
    Happy Birthday Stephen!!!:D

    im so angry your vamp is not apear on the literary crushathon!

  • As always, we are indebted to the wonderful women (and men) of TRUEBLOODNET.COM who initiated the “Birthday Greetings” to Steve Moyer in this wonderful way!!!
    ——- The support that helps Brentwood Theatre is meaningful in so very many ways: the Funds, yes, especially for the small community venue that depends upon donations and volunteer help to continue its excellent programming
    ——- But also the Friends, YES and more so, for once this was a small entity known only within Essex borders… and now has been officially voted the Second Best Beloved Theatre in UK — largely due to our national and international renown, which would never have happened without our FRIENDS!!!
    ——- So on behalf of Steve and Mark and all at Brentwood Theatre, I say thank you again for your kind and generous support for the young actors who will bring PLOTTERS OF CABBAGE PATCH CORNER to life — Who knows? Perhaps one of those actors who got their start at Brentwood Theatre may become the next international star to follow in Steve’s path!
    ——- All the best,

    –Jean Armitage
    –Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator
    –Brentwood Theatre, Essex, UK
    –www.brentwood-theatre.org (head to middle of welcome page for Moyer Children’s Theatre Fund)

    –“It’s a sentimental, old-world kind of courting…by someone who could rip your arteries out.”
    Stephen Moyer on Vampire Bill in “True Blood”

    • Nia

      Dear Jean,

      How wonderful of you on behalf of the Brentwood Theatre to bring us, Stephens adoring fans, and TBnet, such an uplifting and lovely note of support and thanks.
      Cheers to you!
      I have been happily a supporter of your Theatre for almost 2 years now and am so proud of Stephen, your generous and loving patron, who has brought such recognition to you from around the world.
      I will be forever grateful to Alan Ball and True Blood for assisting in bringing about the worldwide attention Stephen deserves not only for his incredible talent, but for his amazing good works and generosity.
      I can fully understand Stephens desire to bring focus and funds to your lovely Theatre. First of all it is his home and therefore in his heart.
      It was also the children’s campaign, which first brought to our attention, his desire to raise funds for young children, from around the area, to be able to attend this venue and to embrace the joys of live theatre, something that lit a fire within him and spurred his desire to become an actor, when he was so very young.
      Of course it is also a place to nurture young hardworking starving actors, as Stephen once was, and has never forgotten.
      Stephens hard work, determination and accomplishments are such a wonderful role model for any young aspiring actor to look up to.
      I hope to one day soon visit your lovely Theatre as well as attend one of your productions.

      Congratulations on achieving “Second Best Beloved Theatre in the UK”!

      Thank you and Cheers again Jean and all of you there at the Brentwood Theatre.

  • Hope

    I’m an October baby too! Happy Birthday!!!!

  • lizzie1701

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous Man! I will donate to your cause, as I have in the past. I hope you had a beaut day!

  • Nia

    Dearest Stephen,
    You are wonderful in so many ways and have given us and many others so much!
    Wishing you all the best today and everyday. May all your fondest wishes come true in your life, love and career.

    Happy Birthday Stephen!

    41 and absolutely fabulous!

    P. S. I have numerous times supported the Brentwood Theatre and will be more than happy to do so again.

  • jaxx

    From one Libra to another, Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

  • Clara

    it’s such a nice activity you are doing, i can’t this year for some problems but next year for sure. =) congrats to all the people who can help and do it 🙂

  • pbt

    Happy Birthday Stephen Moyer aka William “Bill Compton”!