Feed a Starving Actor and Say, “Happy Birthday” to Stephen Moyer!

October 14, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer in Detroit

It’s Stephen Moyer‘s Birthday

You know the guy that plays tall, dark, brooding and handsome Vampire Bill on True Blood. Every year we provide the fans a way to say ‘Happy Birthday‘ to Stephen by supporting the Brentwood Theatre. This year we’re running a ‘Feed a Starving Actor’ campaign! Brentwood Theatre, for those that don’t know, is where Stephen Moyer started his acting career. He has such a tender spot for it in his heart that he’s their number one patron! Every year between Stephen’s birthday and the end of the year we collect monies to somehow help Brentwood out. We’ve helped them renovate the theater, sent kids to the holiday performance and this year we’re going to help them feed their actors. The actors at the Brentwood Theatre get paid but not a whole lot. In order for them to keep body and soul together in one piece Brentwood tries to get locals to bring by food dishes which is really fun and keeps the community involved but it also only provides a few meals a week. So this year, we’re going to ask you to sponsor an actor’s meal.

Three Prices, Something for Every Pocketbook!

For a mere 5 dollars you can have your name added to a list of folks wishing Stephen a ‘Happy Birthday’!  For 10 dollars you can add a personal line and for 20 dollars you can send a whole letter and our friends at Brentwood Theater will ensure that your message gets to Stephen. Please be sure to leave your message in the Paypal comment to seller window as you are making payment. If for some reason you clicked past that then contact us at the little envelope at the top of the page and we will ensure your comment or email gets sent on to Brentwood and then to Stephen.

Five Dollar Name On Card:

Ten Dollar Ten Word Greeting:

Twenty Dollar Letter to Stephen Moyer:

We know times are tight everywhere that’s why this year we’re trying to offer a lot of different choices in how to reach out and say thanks for giving us the fantasy of Vampire Bill without breaking anyone’s pocketbook. Just remember, you’re never so old that ‘Happy Birthday’ doesn’t make you smile!

Photo Credit: Kasandra