First Chapter of ‘Dead Reckoning’ Released!

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Next Sookie Stackhouse Book To Be Released May 3, 2011

Dead Reckoning Cover

For all you fans of Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse novels, Charlaine has given us an early Christmas gift!  The first chapter of Dead Reckoning, the 11th installment in the series, has been released on her website.  Click here to view it and then let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Dead Reckoning is available for pre-order on – click here to order your copy today!!


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  • Peach

    I can’t read it off my iPad?

  • boo boo bear

    Excellent beginning. Thank you for the early Christmas gift, Ms. Harris and I wish you and your family a peaceful and happy holiday season.
    Congratulations on “Dead in the Family” Amazon best reads list for the year and the Choice Awards, also ! It was a wonderful book and deserves the nominations and awards, also.

    I also want to hear more from Gran, I miss her character and would love to read old “letters” from her. These books are so far apart, it drives me crazy waiting, ha ha!

  • Tina MIller

    I thought it was a good start to the book,can’t wait to read more.I think Eric and Sookie will be together for long time,due to the fact they have a blood bond and marriage together.But Alcide does have feelings for her too.So we will have to wait to see what happens.Wish May would hurry up and get here.

  • tabby1249

    I really liked the beginning of this new book. I laughed out loud several times and feel that Sookie has recovered both her voice and her rye perspectives on the crazy events of her life. I loved her thoughts as she tried to deal with Eric and Pam in the midst of having her hair styled by Emmanuel. What a crazy life this woman leads. Thank you so much, Ms. Harris for giving this early taste of Dead Reckoning. I am looking forward to the early May release date.

  • Victoria

    It was great, can’t wait till it comes out! love CH & TB!

  • jaxx

    I liked the way this book started as opposed to the last one, Dead in the Family. This seems back to the way CH wrote the other ones. Too much focus on Sookie’s hair dilemma but amusing nonetheless. Something is definitely going on with Eric, can’t wait to find out exactly what. Should be interesting.

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi jaxx,

      I enjoyed reading the sneak peek. I agree this seemed more like CH writing than in book 10. Yes, there was a little to much hair drama. However, Sookies hair has always been a focus of the books. Sookie always refers to it. At least only a few inches were burned and not her entire scalp. Sookie can just drink Eric’s blood and prblem solved. I’m sure Eric can afford extentions until her hair grows. I think that was Eric’s way of being useful. It would have been nice if Sookie worried more about the burns on her legs though. Where did Pam’s girlfriend come from all of a sudden? I’m with Sookie, I almost don’t want to know what Eric needs to tell her. We know it’s going to be bad. I think it might have something to do with that knew queen (who has yet to be introduced). Sookie and Eric seemed like a real couple with all the honey and darlings. I’m really starting to think that they could end up together by the end of the series. I do think Sookie/Eric will break up at some point. It feels like ther is some progression with their relationship. I could be wrong though and Sookie/Sam could end up together. Gran’s hidden letter should be interesting.

      • Rachel

        grans hidden letter??? this was a great chapter, however i almost wish i hadn’t read it. it will only make the wait until may that much longer.

        i do however wish that the blood bond will be broken in this book as i want to know what sookie and eric REALLY feel for each other.

        I also hope that she ends up with bill, i know it will not happen but then my second choice for Sookie using only the men from the first three books as it was said that it was decided before the first three were finished being written i want her to end up with Alcide. Don’t count him out!!!

      • jaxx

        I’m with you Caitlin. Sadly for me, I think Eric and Sookie will break up before the end of the book series. I hope they will end up together but I think it will be between Eric, Sam and possibly even Bill. She has at least 3 more books to go after DR. Anything and everything will happen in those 3, who knows maybe even a couple more books depending if she has more material to write about. She can’t have Sookie settle on anyone until the end or it would be a dull ending to the series, she has to create drama of some sort.

        I’m also with you Rachel, I want the blood bond broken once and for all. I think this is when Sookie and Eric will break up and Sookie will have to figure out if she truly is “in love” with Eric and not just “loves” Eric. I truly believe Eric is “in love” with Sookie and it’s not just the bond on his end.

        I also think Sookie will find letters in the attic that Gran wrote detailing the whole fae affair. I so hope CH goes that route. I would love to hear from Gran again, even if it is just letters she wrote.

        • ~ Caitlin

          Hi jaxx and Rachel,

          I want the blood bond to be broken because I want Sookie to stop blaiming everything on it. Yes, there still ae more books to come so who knows what CH has in store. Some new character could even come into the picture and end up with Sookie. CH could throw a curve ball and have Sookie end up with Bill (I think it is unlikely that she will end up with him or Alcide but you never know) The blood bond between Eric/Sookie does have its advantages though. If the blood bond is broken that will raise more questions like can the blood bond be renewed if they exchange blood again? CH said that she was not sure if she was going to write 13 books. She said she would decide after she finished book 11. As much as I enjoy reading the books, I kind of want them to end after 13 because I want to find out who Sookie ends up with or does not. It would be interesting if Eric/Sookie ended up together because she will age and he will not. Either way they will not have a happily ever after. Death will always seperate them. CH mentioned that she could write stories featuring Sookie and the guy she chooses.

          It makes sense that the letters would be about Grans affair. Wasn’t Gran kind of glammered by the Finton though so wouldn’t she not remember the incidents? I’ll have to reread that part of the story again.

          • Nicole

            I don’t want the bond broke unless they don’t end up together because its really a handy thing to have as they take on the world together. I do think she might end up with Sam he would be a good fit for her and they get along great and all and if she won’t become undead then I can’t see her and any vamp making it in the long hall. I also think Eric will become king by the end and bill will die alacide has become a jerk so I think he is out and I think maybe a few more fairys will come out the wood works I really hope she and Eric stay together I love them as a couple she puts his big self in line from day one 🙂 I can’t wait I almost wanna look for a leaked copy I’d still buy it when it comes out but I want more now how baout oposting chapter 2 soon lol

  • Ashera

    Oh my, I wonder what’s going on with Eric.. Great gift Charlaine, thank you! I just want MORE 😛 Not to sound ungrateful ^.^ Thanks for posting.