First Glimpse of Stephen Moyer in Priest

September 10, 2010 by  

Sneak Peek of Stephen Moyer in Priest:

True Blood‘s season 3 finale is coming very quickly, but it doesn’t mean that Truebies can’t see their favorite actors from True Blood in other venues. Many of the stars of True Blood have new movies coming out, and Stephen Moyer is one of them.

Stephen’s new movie Priest is set to be released on May 13, 2011 in both 2D and 3D. The movie tells the story of a warrior priest who lives in a futuristic dystopian city. His 18 year old niece is kidnapped by some murderous vampires, and he breaks his vows to the church in order to get vengeance against them.

Though Stephen isn’t the lead in this movie, if you look about 34 seconds into the trailer, you’ll see him.

Let us know what you think of the trailer and whether or not you plan to see Priest when it comes out in the comments.

SOURCE: Shock Till You Drop — Trailer Premiere for Priest with Paul Bettany

  • Jessica

    Im still not sure if i want to see this movie or not but im gonna go see it anyway just for Stephen

  • Nia

    I would go definitely go see this movie just for Stephen. I know after seeing so much of Stephens work, he will be amazing as always.
    As a fan, Stephen would definitely be the main reason for me to see Priest.
    I am also a fan of Paul Bettany and the movie definitely looks action packed. Should be a wild ride.

    Thanks Isis!

  • jaxx

    Wow, what a take on vampires. This movie really does look good. Good for Stephen. Looks action packed and a winner. I definitely will check this one out when it comes out.

  • Vampflutist

    I will be seeing this movie. It looks like it will be good filled with action and suspense. Go Stephen!

  • lizzie1701

    I would go and see this for Stephen, but would probably have my head between my knees and hands over my ears as I will do anything for my Stephen! Or then, maybe, I will wait for the DVD and ff all bad bits?? That way I will have a continuous loop of that gorgeous man! Love how he handles a gun!

    Thanks Isis!

  • I would not go and see this movie just for Stephen, because from the looks of the trailer, his part is short lived. But, I would be interested in it for its vampire theme.