Forever Young Jessica Hamby

July 22, 2010 by  

Ah youth! What some would give to be forever young. The thing is, society tends to romanticize being young, forgetting about all the trials and tribulations teens face. Deborah Ann Woll discusses this and her character baby vamp Jessica Hamby in her recent interview with Asian media.

Deborah portrays a recently turned vampire on the HBO hit True Blood, who will forever stay a teenager. She revealed,

“When you think about being a teenager, and how strenuous and difficult that can be, would you really want to live at that age forever and ever?”

Hmm? The rollercoaster of emotions, the self doubt, and the feeling of being unaccepted: these are the things people forget when they hit 21. For Jessica, however, she must forever face some of these emotional struggles. When she was turned, she was a pious 17 year old virgin. Now she is an undead 17 year old virgin, and will always be one given that her virginity regenerates after she has sex. Deborah noted,

“Losing one’s virginity is a real representation of becoming a woman and not being a little girl any more…To have her stuck as a child when all she wants is to be a grown-up…is absolutely tragic and sad.”

Deborah’s character has a lot of issues she must face and fans seem to be very interested in the trials and ordeals Jessica goes through. Jessica was only supposed to on the show for two episodes. Now with the show being in its third season, the writers of True Blood are trying to portray Jessica as a well-rounded character, instead of a pouting teen that viewers were first introduced to.

Though Deborah is blessed by her experiences in True Blood, she does admit the blood and gore does take its toll. The story-lines, because they delve so deep into the characters psyche, stick with her long after filming.

Still though, Deborah is enchanted with her castmates, citing that not only is everyone so attractive but they have wonderful and kind personalities to match. Does this go for Jim Parrack, who plays Jessica’s love interest, Hoty Fortenberry? Of course! When they are filming together, they make sure they are respectful to one another and although the series has a very sensual tone to it, they can get very silly.

Maybe being 17 forever isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be, but when your a hot redheaded vampire with endless opportunities, there has to be some exciting moments that make you shout, this is what being young is all about!


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)