For the Furbangers and Fangbangers – True Blood’s New Supernaturals

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Season 3‘s new werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, will make the love triangle of Bill, Sookie and Eric into a love square.  That’s according to Joe Manganiello who plays Alcide, Sookie‘s new bodyguard.

Speaking with Access Hollywood, Joe admitted he’s happy to see werewolves getting more respect in Hollywood.  In fact, he used the personal trainer who got Hugh Jackman into shape for his Wolverine role in X-Men.  Joe said he trained six days a week and ate constantly (high protein) in order  to get “that kind of animal shape” because “abs are definitely a requirement”.

Good thing, too, because we’ll be seeing plenty of him.  Alcide will be “exposed” quite a bit.  Evidently this is due to his feral nature.  And with regard to being feral, Joe‘s body double is a huge “real” wolf with yellow menacing eyes.

About his character, Joe told Access, “I’m constantly running around grabbing all of the women on the show…there’s only a few women on the show I haven’t run after and grabbed.  It’s just kind of how werewolves say ‘hello’.”

For vampire love, Season 3 introduces Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi (played by Denis O’Hare) and his lover/partner, Talbot (played by Theo Alexander).  They’ve been together as a couple for 700 years.

Denis explained the relationship as being complicated.  Talbot is Russell‘s lover, his boyfriend, and also his son.  Russell is Talbot‘s maker.

And the relationship is very passionate, according to TheoTalbot is very happy being a vampire and he loves his mate.  But there will be some “bumps in the road”.  Could it be that the king is not faithful?

Are these actors enjoying their new roles on True Blood?  Denis stated that this is a “once in a lifetime experience”.

“I will never be able to have a job as great as this again in my life,” he told Access.  “It’s a great bunch of people.  It really is phenomenal.”

But we know that.  And in just 3 more days we’ll be watching the premier of Season 3 – on June 13.


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  • MrsAlcide313

    Dang, Joe who play Alcide is FFFIIINNNEEE! Look at that body! OMG!

  • Antonio

    Someone had asked me What the difference is between a Shapeshifter and a Werewolf,So,I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain. A Shapeshifter is a creature who over a period of time has aquired the necessary shifting or “phasing” cababilities necessary for survival…Not unlike Sam Merlotte or Even Jacob Black of Twilight fame.

    A Werewolf,By contrast, is a feral,savage creature traveling under a curse “a dark gift” if you want to use the terminology.
    A Werewolf,aside from the world that Stephenie Meyer created in her Twilight books, has No choice but to “turn” “transform” a Complete change in size and form…Metamorphosis.
    A Werewolf must change under the full moon because of the “virus” or curse which was inflicted on the victim via a scratch a bite an attack.

    Actually, According to legend many vampires also had shifting abilities…Like Bram Stoker’s immortal count.
    Shifting to wolves,bats,mist fog

    I hope that this helps to clarify any questions that you may6 have.

  • stacee

    furbanger…….lol……… it!

  • jaxx

    This season will be awesome. Books 3 and 4 were my favorites and I think Seasons 3 and 4 will also be my favorites. YAY!!!

  • Antonio

    I would agree with Dennis He probably wont have another job on Tv like This 1!! I’m sure his character will be cool and dangerous…The best kind of Vampire,right??
    As to Joe and the real wolves I think it will be Awesome!!
    Its interesting that Joe would share his workout secrets here with us As a Guy, it gives me Some ideas! LOL Perhaps if I kept up a grueling workout schedule like that I could get abs like that,Too? LOL 🙂 Anyway Joe is from PA and thats not far from me in NJ So thats Really cool!!
    Bon Temps Beware….More Supes are coming! Can hardly wait!

  • Antonio

    Thanks for the article It looks like Bon Temps is about to be inundated with Many different kinds of Supes! The pics are great! Thanks Cant wait to see these new supes in action!

    I know that they probably dont read these things but I wanted to say something anyway…
    To Dennis,Theo,Alejandro and Joe
    Welcome To The True Blood Family! Best Wishes!
    I’m sure that it will be quite a memorable season Looking forward to it!!
    For some,They might have a difficult time just what they will identify with Furbanger or Fangbanger? Who knows after This season? LOL
    Personally Ive always thought Werewolves were Cool!! I suppose that Joe and I have That in common~~Along with being Italian-American! As they say in Italy:: Benvenuti a Tutti! Ciao!