FXUK Channel Adds to their True Blood Content

January 27, 2010 by  

FXUK has thought of a great way to keep up the anticipation for Season 2 of True Blood for the British fans. They have announced that they’ll be showing exclusive content to go with the show in an effort to keep their current viewers and gain new viewers.

The new material will be shown during the premiere of Season 2 of True Blood with the first three episodes. The bonus features will include behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast members in lead positions, as well as Alan Ball. (One can only hope that these features will also be included with the Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray sets).

The general manager of FXUK, Cecilia Parker, continued to explain the decision, saying:

“The aim is to offer a seamless broadcast experience for fans of True Blood so that viewing remains intact throughout the whole airing.”

The hope is that with these special features, viewers will watch commercial breaks, even if they previously recorded the episode of True Blood.

By the way, don’t forget to check out the True Blood FXUK website! (There’s one for Season 1 and another for Season 2, which so far features an ad for Season 2.) FXUK has three carriers: BSkyB, Virgin Media, and Talk Talk.

SOURCE: mad.co.uk

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  • Antonio

    I hope that some of this exclusive content will be on the S2 dvds! I’m given to understand that there wasnt much bonus or exclusive behind the scenes stuff on the S1 dvds. I’d want to see interviews with the cast particularly Steph,Anna & Alex.
    They should include some footage from last year’s Comic-Con That was a big deal! And the video of Depeche Mode with the cast! Plus there should be a small documentary about how this show grew in its fanbase and popularity over a period of just about 18 months!! interviews with Sam,Michelle(who plays Maryann) and Debrah Ann(Jessica) would be nice!
    The episodes are good but i find the bonus stuff to be just as entertaining to watch!

  • That’s what they did when Cable showed S2 here in OZ. Trouble is, they had background music which drowned out the interview with AB!~!