GetGlued to True Blood (with New iPhone App)!

July 28, 2010 by  

HBO and GetGlue, the social network for entertainment, have worked out a deal where you can earn virtual and REAL stickers showing just how addicted you are to V, errr…True Blood.

GetGlue gets more than 4.5M new unique ratings and check-ins for TV shows, movies, music and books every month. GetGlue users check-in and rate things they like and then the site, in conjunction with your favorite shows, movies and books, gets a feel for what you like to do, what you like to watch and read and listen to, and allows you to get recommendations of other similar publications and productions you might like as well, including brand new releases! On top of that, just for fun, you can earn stickers both to display on your GetGlue page AND have sent to you by mail. That’s right, you can now earn actual True Blood stickers to put on your windshield, your computer, your cat, your mirror, or your navel. Just about anywhere! (OK maybe you better skip that cat idea).

The top row of stickers are earned in a pretty straightforward manner. You sign up for GetGlue, and during Sunday’s 9pm EDT first showing of the new True Blood episode, “Hitting the Ground” (and follow our Live Tweeting of the episode!) you should log into GetGlue and let everyone know that you’re watching our favorite Bon Temps residents and their Southern neighbors. You should also let the world know every time you are re-watching True Blood repeats or watching On Demand because after you’ve reached a certain number of viewings you’ll be awarded a virtual sticker and you can request that they send you a REAL sticker as well.

We don’t know how to earn the bottom stickers yet. HBO will let us know, slowly, painfully, tortuously, torturously (Oh my dear Bill! SOBS). They are such cruel Makers! As we all know, Waiting SUCKS! But sucking can hurt so good! You can start earning your stickers on Sunday, August 1st, so sign up now over at

And just to make it even easier, now there’s an iPhone App for that! You don’t have to be like me with my computer Wf-Fi’d to my brain while I’m watching TV, just snag your iPhone, download the iPhone App at and pop over to GetGlue and tell them you’re what you’re watching (is there time to watch anything but True Blood On Demand?)

And that’s not all, you can check on who else is watching True Blood right now! You can either see everyone watching True Blood or just check out which of your friends are watching. Or just see what all of your friends are watching right now. (You are going to friend us aren’t you??? We’re TrueBloodNet.)

And.. there’s more? HECK YEAH there’s more! You can also find other people who like the kinds of things you like. Not just True Blood (can you have a true friendship with anyone who doesn’t love True Blood???) but it looks at all of your favorite movies, songs, books and TV shows and will find folks who like the same things as you. We can always use more vampire loving friends can’t we?

If you’re like me, and you couch potato out between True Blood Episodes (Yes, there’s a couch potato sticker you can earn) and you’ve gotten sucked into the weird worlds of Entourage and Hung, you can earn stickers for these HBO shows as well. Personally I’m hoping to earn the Maker sticker as fast as I can and, depending on what you have to do to earn it, the Fangbanger and Hookah stickers. (I’m a little disappointed there isn’t a Furbanger sticker, although so far the only Were I’d get close enough to to scratch between the ears is Alcide!) So head on over to GetGlue and start sharing your likes and dislikes.. and remember, we’ll be watching!

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(Images credit: GetGlue and HBO inc.)