Getting to Know Joe Manganiello

June 6, 2010 by  

Hey True Blood fans, wouldn’t you like to learn more about the newest addition to the True Blood cast, Joe Manganiello?  Well so did E! Online. Joe recently sat down with E! to talk about joining the hit tv series as the werewolf, Alcide Herveaux.  Most tv fans know Joe from his work on One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother.  Joe’s character, Alcide, shows up in episode 3 of the new season of True Blood.

E! asked Joe about how he shaped up for the role of Alcide since the werewolf is described as being extremely buff.  Joe had this to say:

“Knowing [creator] Alan Ball, you’re probably going to be naked at some point is the first thought, and of course the second thought is, OK, wait a minute, now where’s that trainer’s number?”

Many fans had campaigned to have Joe cast in the role of Alcide because he already had a lot of the same features as the character.  Joe had started nagging his agents to get him an audition and they came through and Joe got the part.

Since Joe had brought up the subject of nudity, E! asked him to elaborate on the topic and his feelings on it. Joe explained:

“I assumed it was going to happen because I’m playing a werewolf, and obviously when you shift, you can’t bring your clothes.  But right off the bat, from the first script there were shirtless scenes. So I knew I was going to be the resident piece of meat this year and that the abs were going to have to be in good shape.”

Something tells us that Joe will have no problem in that department!

Joe goes on to talk about what a huge fan he is of the show and how walking onto the set was like being sucked through the television set into your favorite tv show.  Joe was also asked if he expected the character to be back in season 4, after all Alcide also appears in the 10th book of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series.  Joe jokes that he will train hard and stay away from carbs for as long as Charlaine countinues to write the books.

Joe ended the interview by saying:

“I hope the fans love me! That would be a true benchmark.”

I don’t think any True Blood fans will have a hard time falling in love with this werewolf! Tune in for the season premiere of True Blood on June 13th at 9:00 pm!

SOURCE: E! Online

(Photo Credits: HBO Inc.)