Graham Shiels Interview

December 24, 2008 by  

Graham Shiels played the role of Liam in Season 1 of HBO True Blood and was recently interviewed by Jamie Steinberg at the Starry Constellation Magazine. In this interviews, Graham talks about the character of Liam and filming True Blood.

Photo Credit Peter Randolph/HBO

Photo Credit Peter Randolph/HBO

Q) Please tell us about your character Liam on the show “True Blood.”

A) I will be in the second and third episode. I did the seventh episode, too. That’s exciting! I think it’s been getting some good buzz and some good press. In the fictional world of how Alan Ball (the creator and writer) sees vampires and how the author (Charlaine Harris) of the book series see it, the age you were and the clothes you wore from the time you died is who you are. Together with the wardrobe designer, they figured Liam was just an aspiring punk-rocker from the 80’s. He’s not very fashionable. That’s when Liam got bit and became a vampire. Liam hangs out with these other vampires Malcolm and Diane. The three of them aren’t so happy about the synthetic blood because they still like the real stuff. They think they’re above the vampire law and the American Constitution. They just kind of take what they want.

Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?

A) Alan Ball just has such great taste. American Beauty is most people’s favorite film and certainly is one of mine. His aesthetic and his taste are so exquisite. He’s funny and there are just not many writers like him. Any kind of vampire thing could be taken as gore for gore’s sake or horror for horror’s sake. You knew with Alan Ball there would be a sense of intelligence about it. That was very intriguing. It was basically a dream role to be able to play something fantastic, a vampire in the world of…Well, I’m not going to compare Alan Ball to Shakespeare, but I don’t know that there are many better writers out there in terms of his taste, I find. It was like a dream project. Really, I think probably if you were to ask anybody (Anna Paquin or anyone) they’d give you the same answer. It basically would be doing like “Power Rangers” written by Shakespeare. It’s like doing something really goofy and really fun, but like doing it exquisitely.

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