Grant Bowler Describes Life Before True Blood

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Grant Bowler Talks About His Life, Struggles and Family

Grant Bowler, True Blood, CootIn Season 3 of HBO‘s True Blood, we were introduced to several new characters, both good and bad.  One of the bad characters was Coot, a vampire blood-addicted werewolf played by Grant Bowler, who was involved in kidnapping Bill Compton.  Bowler talked with the Herald Sun in Australia about his childhood, his struggles to break into Hollywood and his life after True Blood.

Growing Up

Bowler’s mother was a single mom who took on various jobs to support her children.  When he was two years old they moved from New Zealand to Australia so his mother could pursue new work opportunities.  Life for his family was stressful until his mother found a career in finance and married John Bowler.  Although John Bowler was not Grant’s biological father, their bond was cemented and they are very close. Growing up Bowler felt like an outsider being neither an Aussie or a Kiwi and not coming from a “typical” family.  Being an outsider and observing everything around him shaped who he is today.

Discovering Acting

Bowler did not catch the acting bug until he was 19 years old.  Working as a copywriter, he wrote an advertisement with an actor that he had seen on television but when they showed up to film the commercial, the actor who was scheduled to appear didn’t show.  His friend suggested that Bowler do the acting and he caught the bug.  He moved to Sydney at the age of 20 and was accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Art which prepares people for careers in theater, film and television.  He met his wife Roxanne Wilson on the set of a movie in 1999 but the two did not become involved until a few years later.

Breaking into Hollywood

After working 12 years in Australian television doing shows like ‘Blue Heelers’, ‘All Saints’ and ‘Border Security’, Bowler felt it was time he made the change and moved to Los Angeles.  He arrived in Los Angeles in 2003 and a few weeks later they discovered his wife of 18 months was expecting their first child.  Finding work was proving to be extremely difficult and the family suffered a huge financial setback.  They lost their home, were $60,000 in debt and had no jobs.  The couple supported each other and continued to work hard at breaking into Hollywood while family members kept telling them to come home.  They would go broke, return to Australia to earn enough money to go right back to Los Angeles.  Bowler returned to LA alone in 2006 and slept at a friend’s house.  He then got his first big break landing a role in the HBO series ’12 Miles of Bad Road’ with Lily Tomlin.  Unfortunately due to the writers strike his episodes never made the air but from there his career started to take off.  Bowler went on to work on ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Lost’ and then to True Blood.  His role on True Blood has led him to film roles as well.

Life Today

Bowler’s family lives in Sydney and he travels back and forth for work.  They keep in touch via Skype and while the separation is hard, they don’t want their children moving around that often.  Bowler says that he would prefer that his kids not go into acting, joking that he doesn’t want the competition. He says:

“I don’t want the competition. They’re much cuter than I am and I don’t want them cutting my grass.”

Source: – ‘Grant Bowler: In My Own Words’

(Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph)