Grant Bowler Discusses His Career and True Blood

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In an interview with Da Man Magazine, Grant Bowler responded to a variety of questions.  They were mainly about his acting background but several questions touched on his stint as the V-addicted, tough biker werewolf, Coot, on this season’s True Blood.

While touring with a company in Australia doing Shakespeare, Grant said he fell in love with performing, touring and the classics.  But he enjoys working in television and film as well.

“…it just comes down to the script and the role.  I go for what interests me in terms of material, not the delivery method.”

About working on True Blood, Grant said he’s become good friends with his cast-mates and likes to hang out with them.  With Los Angeles as his base, his best mates include Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Brit Morgan, Denis O’Hare and Joe Manganiello.

Grant claims he is an avid people watcher.  His skill at observation helps him enhance his performance skills.  As far as getting into character to play Coot, Grant said he has to let go of being civilized.  He does “whatever feels good, in an id-driven way”.  And yes, he hopes the “writing gods” will bring him back in Season 4.

Comparing fame in Australia with fame in the U.S., Grant said that there is more intensity in the States.  In Australia, he would get a nod or smile in recognition.  But here, “They seem to have a much stronger relationship with celebrity as a culture”.

It’s pretty apparent that Grant is loving his life.  Quoting Shakespeare, he says,

“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  Asked why he likes this line from Hamlet, Grant responded, “That’s living a happy life, right there, wrapped up in a nutshell.”

SOURCE: Da Man Magazine

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