Grant Bowler to Host the Aussie Version of The Amazing Race

November 7, 2010 by  

Filming Has Already Begun

Grant BowlerLife is pretty hectic for Aussie True Blood star, Grant Bowler. The actor who played Cooter, a werewolf with a V addiction and a psychotic girlfriend, is now set to host the Australian version of The Amazing Race.

Bowler, who also starred in the hit show Ugly Betty, said he had been suffering from burn out before getting this role and that he is excited to be part of such an exciting show. Other contenders for the part included football bad boy Ben Cousins and Geelong captain Tom Harley.

“This is such a big show. No one’s been more surprised than me that I’ve been asked to do these hosting jobs. But I love it. It’s human psychology at work.”

The Amazing Race, however, is not his first stint on reality TV. Back in Australia, Bowler has been the host of both Border Security and The Mole.

Filming for The Amazing Race started last week at the hallowed turf of the football stadium, the MCG.

Source: The Herald Sun – Ugly Betty’s Grant is in New Race

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