Grant Bowler on the Long Road to True Blood

January 7, 2010 by  

One of the new actors joining the cast of True Blood for Season three is Grant Bowler. He will be portraying Coot, a biker werewolf. People might be familiar with him from his role on Ugly Betty, or his brief stint on Lost, but soon we will all know him very well! New Zealand-born and Australian raised,  Grant recently spoke with the Australian Herald Sun and told them about some difficult times he had trying to make it as an actor before his success in the past couple of years.

In his career, he never experienced that fairytale rise to stardom. He had done lots of work on television in Australia, but when he moved to Hollywood, he couldn’t seem to catch a break:

“My path in the United States wasn’t the dream that you read about in magazines. We went broke more than once and we lost a home. I had come so close to getting [roles] and whenever it came down to that coin toss, it went the other way every time.”

Grant recalled one particular audition he went to in Hollywood and describes how easily one’s spirit and soul can be broken with the rejection and negative responses that actors experience before maybe getting that big break:

“I remember going over there for an audition in the first few years and, I kid you not, the guy kept me in a hallway outside his office next to the photocopier room and no one talked to me and when I went in to read for the part he was answering emails. He never once looked at me and when I had finished he didn’t look up. I said thanks and off I went. That cold. When you’re that cold in LA there is no feeling quite like it. You die a little inside every time and wake up and try to shake it off and go to the next one, but it doesn’t always work.”

One might expect Grant to have become hardened or embittered by such unfortunate circumstances, but he sees the positive side of things and the way it has shaped who he is today:

“No matter how much it cost or how long it’s taken, I wouldn’t go back for anything. I am different now. It’s just growing up. I had a kind of gilded cage at home where I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing, but I was making a good living. But I was never going to do what I wanted to do if I didn’t push myself.”

Now with a couple of solid tv performances under his belt, Grant was able to earn the role of Coot. Given True Blood’s phenomenal popularity, it was surely a highly sought-after part. Knowing how great executive producer Alan Ball is at picking the right actors for the characters, we can be sure that Grant will be a great addition to the show this year. He described what his favorite types of roles are:

“There are three that I absolutely adore. I never get tired of the man/woman stuff, that stuff about relationships and love. Then there is the man/child stuff. It’s really close to my heart because I have young kids. Then flogging guys is the third. Just bashing guys is what I love.”

In the casting call, the brief summary of Coot talked about him and his werewolf gang torturing Bill, so it seems like Grant has found the perfect job!


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