Grant Bowler Spending Time With The True Blood Cast

August 1, 2010 by  

What does the cast of True Blood do when they’re off the set? Hang out with each other, of course! Grant Bowler, otherwise known to True Blood fans as Coot, talks to Da Man Magazine about his character as well as the newest friends he’s made on the set.

The 42 year old actor portrays Coot,  a biker werewolf addicted to V. When he isn’t doing Russell Edgington’s dirty work, he’s usually stealing or drinking with his girlfriend Debbie Pelt. He’s also the alpha male of a bunch of nasty weres devastating Mississippi. Grant reveals that in order to portray Coot he had to:

let go of all of the niceties of being a civilized man, and do whatever feels good, in an id-driven way.”

Before he was playing a blood thirsty were, Grant started out in a Shakespeare Company. While touring and performing, he fell in love with the classics. Though taking on three plays in a span of 36 hours was a challenge, it’s one he’d love to experience again.

When he isn’t running the pack, Grant spends time with fellow cast mates: Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Brit Morgan, Denis O’Hare, and Joe Manganiello. Though he wouldn’t reveal all the great places they go to after a long day of shooting, he did say he hangs out with them all the time.

Coot may be one uncivilized and nasty dog, but it seems Grant is a real gentleman. Just ask his friends.


(Photo Credit: Mitchell McCormack)