Grant Bowler Talks Coot, True Blood and his “Love Scene” With Stephen Moyer

July 17, 2010 by  

Grant Bowler spoke to’s Popwatch about his character on True Blood and his upcoming projects. Grant plays Coot, a werewolf hired by the vampire king Russell Edgington to kidnap Bill Compton, in Season 3 of True Blood. As we have seen, Coot is addicted to vampire blood and is engaged to Debbie Pelt, Alcide‘s ex-girlfriend. Grant said he knew his character would be a little wild when his audition consisted of him wrapping a silver chain around Bill‘s neck, feeding off him and howling.  He jokingly describes that scene as a love scene between him and Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, saying:

“That was a love scene. It took all day to shoot, and Stephen Moyer and I laughed so hard in the back of the car – we were almost blowing takes, we were giggling so much — that we actually fell in love. We’re having a bromance.”

That scene was fantastic and aside from Grant and Stephen, Don Swayze was also introduced in that episode, playing Gus another one of the werewolves who kidnaps Bill. Grant described working with Don:

Don Swayze was irrepressible. Swapping the blood [with the front seat passenger] was in the script, but the entire way Don went about doing it, the complete wrongness of it, that was all him. ‘Shall I lean in right over his mouth?’ Ahhh. Don is fearless. He’s absolutely fearless. We’re in the back of that shot, and I’m howling with laughter and it’s all that Moyer can do to keep a straight face and look like he’s in agony ’cause Don Swayze just pushed the boat out and let go.”

In last week’s episode Alcide and Sookie crashed Coot and Debbie’s engagement party. At the end of the party Coot brands his fiancee and then begins to howl and cause the weres to transform. How does Grant feel about the branding?

“I think that’s just the best way to get engaged, to brand your intended with a hot iron. That screams romance to me. And love. Commitment!”

One plus about his role is that Grant‘s 7 year old daughter is thrilled that he can turn into a werewolf. Given the nature of the show he will have to very selectively go through the scenes to find the ones where he actually shifts so his daughter can see, but it is exciting for her nonetheless to be able to tell everyone her dad is a werewolf.

Grant says that Coot really enjoys Bill‘s misery and delights in making him even more miserable. He also confirms that Joe Manganiello is “just enormous”.

Grant is currently filming “The Killer Elite” with Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. He will play an SAS Officer and war hero. He recently finished filming “The City of Gardens” where he will play “a schizophrenic named Jesus Christ who is stuck in solitary confinement.”


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  • Nia

    I am really enjoying Coot!!! Grant is amazing, playing him to a tee!
    I can just imagine all the fun Grant and Stephen had shooting the car scene. Laughing all the time!! Yet what we saw was pure drama. That is the mark of great actors.
    Gosh to be working on the set of True Blood would be a wish come “True”!!
    Looking forward to more drama with Coot and Bill. I dont think they are finished yet.
    OH, BTW, I do love Don as well. He is our bad boy Gus!!

  • lizzie1701

    Grant is doing a fabulous job as Coot and I am glad that they are all having such fun on the set! Next time I watch that scene I will check to see if it is laughing or agony or both! I think Grant, Stephen and Anna have become friends as Grant and his wife were at the Venice house to watch the premiere of True Blood with S/M and others. Will also check the passing of the blood from mouth to mouth!

    Thnaks jaimie!

  • jaxx

    Grant is great. Love the Cooter character and the twist with Debbie Pelt. Can’t wait to see him in the rest of the season.