It’s All Gym and No Overindulging for True Blood this Holiday Season

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Cast Members Think About Every Little Bite:

Tara Thornton, played by Rutina Wesley, enjoys some Hunter's Souffle in Season 2Eggnog, cookies, seafood chowder, brownies, pies, pork tenderloin, champagne, ham, turkey, your mom’s famous garlic rolls with butter, red wine, hunter’s souffle, cheese and crackers, Reese’s peanut butter cups (miniatures) and scallops wrapped in bacon. Nothing is off limits at the holidays, and everything tastes that much better because it’s the one time each year we all allow ourselves to overindulge. ”Overindulge” may not be the best word, actually. Gorge sounds more appropriate.

But no matter what you call it, if you’re a member of the cast of True Blood, especially those that spend a lot of time without some or all of your clothes on, gorging is 100% out of the question.  Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara Thornton on the show says:

“Well, it’s ‘True Blood,’ so I’ve been working out all summer because I’m just preparing myself for whatever. I get the script and say ‘Oh – Gym. Okay.’”

Season 4 started filming less than a month ago, so there will be no substantial holiday break for the people who make our favorite show on HBO. Basically the short holiday break means there’s too big of a risk for overindulging and not having enough time to work things off at the gym before returning to filming the hit HBO series.

Kristin Bauer van Straten (vampire Pam) doesn’t need to be reminded about what the repercussions are for celebrating too much:

“If you do indulge, you get really nervous and guilty almost instantly. It’s almost not even worth it. Basically, when I go to a wardrobe fitting I get SO disciplined for the next seven days or two weeks.”

Although there is typically much more focus on the female body being slim, Kristin says there is one definite bonus to being a woman on the show:

“The guys are naked more often than we are, which I think is really awesome”

We aren’t overly concerned about the holidays causing too much of an issue for our favorite TV actors’ physiques. Happy holidays True Blood cast members and Truebies!!

Source: NBC Philadelphia – “True Blood” Stars Watch Every Bite Over the Holidays

(Photo Credit: HBO, inc.)

  • Antonio

    Starvation diets Never work Either!! I had read that Sam wasnt gonna eat a lot over the Holidays. First of All, No 1 “Forces” Any of these fine actors to work out Or hit the gym!! They do it because They WANT to!! Secondly, I Too,would feel intimidated working out alongside Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten!!
    There ARE Physical Health benefits to Exercise and Diet..No Doubt! But I wonder about the Psychological/Emotional health of those who get sucked into all this!

  • Normal fitness and exercise eliminates the risks of various heart diseases, but they also aid to prevent specific sorts of cancer which include breast cancer and colon cancer.