Hard Road for New True Blood Castmate Grant Bowler

December 7, 2009 by  

Grant-Bowler-True-BloodGrant Bowler has become the newest member of the True Blood cast, playing the role of the were/biker “Coot”. But the road to fame has not always been easy for the host of “Border Security”. The actor also has had regular guest roles on Ugly Betty and Lost.

When Bowler first arrived in America with his family, they struggled incredibly while he desperately tried to break into Hollywood. They found furniture on the streets, had a hard time putting food on the table, and had to find clothes in charity shops. Grant is married to fellow actress, Roxanne Wilson. During this time they almost let their marriage slip away as well. Bowler had this to say:

“My path into the US wasn’t the dream that you read about in magazines. There was no way to make it harder, maybe chop one of your legs off and try and get work but that would be it. We came and went for 4 1/2 years, we went broke more than once, we lost a home and hit the bottom more than once. We were living in horrible joints with borrowed furniture, living off stuff we’d picked up on the street and we’d just had two kids. It was an indescribable period of time. Every meal you would watch it punch a hole in what little money we had. I would have the whole family lined up on the doorstep as I went out to go to a meeting to a job all waving goodbye in their second-hand clothes. You just die inside.”

Yet even when friends and family back home told him to give up, Bowler remained determined even though he admits that the constant rejection took its toll on him. With that desperate time behind him now, Bowler prepares to spend the next six months playing his new role on True Blood.

“But, this is bigger than Lost, much bigger than Ugly Betty. Now I’ve found who I am and the next deck I am going to stand on there are Academy Award winners and that’s what I wanted to find out about myself during that time.”

We wish Grant much success on the show and in the future!

SOURCE:  News.com.au

Photo credits: IMDb.com