HBO Answers Brooklyn Museum Blogger’s

July 3, 2009 by  

hbo_birdlady_frontSuzuki the set designer for HBO’s True Blood answers questions for Madeleine Cody’s Brooklyn Museum blog.  In the blog Suzuki and Cat Smith say:

“We looked at many different types of ancient images including Mycenaean, Etruscan, and Minoan examples. Entering search terms something like “Egyptian female statues,” they came across our very own “Bird Lady.” Alan Ball, True Blood’s Creator, was immediately drawn to the figure of the Bird Lady; in their words, “seeing something so elegant, beautiful and perfect in her form that she became the obvious choice.” The statue is atypical for Egyptian art because of the lack of detail and smooth modern lines.

In terms of the show Suzuki said it worked, “In representing Maryanne’s character using it helped to emphasize that her character is timeless.”

The Blog also talks about the interesting history of the ancient Egyptian “Bird Lady” figure and how HBO created their “Bird Lady” figurine. I love in True Blood how all the characters are fleshed out and how Suzuki and Alan Ball work together to weave true-to-character, folk lore into the mythological beings in the show.

To read more about “The Bird Lady” and HBO’s creative team’s answers:

The photo above is HBO’s version of “Bird Lady” made for the series by artist Cindy Jackson from a mold she created and casting plaster.  Image courtesy Suzuki Ingerslev.