HBO Marketing Makes True Blood a True Experience

August 13, 2010 by  

One thing that sets HBO apart from other networks is that they really know how to make their fans feel included. A recent article over at looks at the amazing marketing campaign employed leading up to and during Season 3 of True Blood.

There were the webisodes, released in the weeks prior to the season premiere, showing us brief glimpses of each main character. Since the season began, there have been “Postmortem” clips following every episode, sometimes with behind-the-scenes looks at the show or other features like music videos. Best of all has been baby vamp Jessica’s video blog. Not only does it make perfect sense for her character, but it adds to her relatability as we get to watch as her explore vampire life (and teenage girl life) in a more personal setting.

It’s quite a generous approach to promoting a show. Sure, it benefits HBO‘s business to do so–all the extra content and publicity generates excitement, making more people watch. But it’s the devoted fans (who would be tuning in anyway) who get the most out of it because they feel more invested in the characters and the show. Plus, things such as the TruBlood beverage or the vampire rights PSAs have been among the many creative ways that HBO makes the world of True Blood seem like reality, which only makes it easier to escape into it.

HBO also uses social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with great effectiveness. They update a lot, offer special giveaways, and provide a place where people can interact with fellow viewers:

“Three seasons in, HBO still finds new and engaging ways to connect fans of True Blood above and beyond what other TV shows do. True Blood has truly embraced the power of the Internet to not only promote the show, but to create the best possible experience for “truebies” like me.”

There’s a nice sense of mutual appreciation between the network and the fans that makes our enjoyment of the show extend far beyond the 12 hours of episodes we get to see each year. HBO, we salute you.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)