HBO’s New True Blood Site for Fans

June 11, 2010 by  

HBO is going above and beyond for True Blood! The people at HBO have recreated, a twitter microsite. The new site will allow fans to discuss the latest True Blood episodes, win prizes, etc. You can connect the site to your Twitter account (as well as Facebook and other similar sites) so that you can share your love of True Blood with other fans all over the world!

There’s still more! HBO has also set up customized Trending Topics on BloodCopy, as well as the ability for every user to search, sort, and categorize the True Blood conversations that people are contributing to. HBO will also have hosts for each week that will live blog during each new episode of True Blood. The first of these hosts will be the official Twitter home of True Blood, @TrueBloodHBO. During the airing of the first episode, True Blood fans who are on BloodCopy will have the chance to earn “Truebie” and “Maker” badges via a first-to-market partnership between HBO and (You can earn the badges by live tweeting during True Blood airings and influencing your friends to follow your lead.) There will also be chances to win prizes like the Ultimate Truebie packs.

If you have a Twitter, a Facebook, or anything similar, hop on over to and join in on the fun!


(Image Credit:, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)