HBO Passes On Latest Alan Ball Offering

December 14, 2010 by  

True Blood Creator’s ‘All Signs of Death’ Turned Down

Alan Ball True BloodAlan Ball, creator of  HBO’s highly successful shows ‘True Blood’ and ‘Six Feet Under‘, has enjoyed immense success and popularity with his television projects. Unfortunately however, his most recent drama project was passed up by the premium cable network.

Ball directed and executive produced the pilot for a new show entitled ‘All Signs of Death’, which is based on Charlie Huston‘s noir novel “The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death”.

There is speculation that HBO simply could not find a spot for the new show in its lineup: the medieval fantasy ‘Game of Thrones,’ is due in April and several other projects are waiting for a series’ verdict.  It certainly seems as if Alan Ball hits nothing but home runs so it would have been interesting to see if  ‘All Signs of Death’ was up to par.

Was this a wise decision in your opinion?  Are you interested in new Alan Ball series creations?

Source: The Marquee Blog – HBO passes on project from ‘True Blood’ creator

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)