HBO’s True Blood and Game of Thrones Have Common Themes

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Game of Thrones and True Blood: Seven Common Themes to Keep True Blood Fans Entertained

With the end of Season 3 of True Blood, HBO is gearing up for the winter’s newest hit Game of Thrones. True Blood fans will be surprised and excited to know that Game of Thrones is exactly what will keep those long winter nights interesting. has made a comparison between the two shows and have compiled seven themes they share. Those themes are:

1) Wolves. While in True Blood werewolves can’t seem to compare to the vampires, in Game of Thrones the direwolves start out cute but grow up to be mean and big. Wolves are pivotal to the show as they bond with the Stark children; they’re also very dangerous.

2) Kings. Like True Blood’s Russell Edgington (the King of Mississippi), the kings in Game of Thrones are very old and mentally unstable. They’re power-hungry and they will stop at nothing get what they want.

3) Magic, the veiled kind. While True Blood’s vampires are trying to mainstream and magic is an accepted (but not talked about) part of the everyday world, the supernaturals in Game of Thrones are a thing of the past. When magic begins to make a comeback everyone is surprised and perhaps a bit dismayed.

4) Sex. True Blood definitely has some steamy sex scenes, but Game of Thrones may take it even an unimaginable step further.

5) Blood, Gore, & Violence. Kill a vampire on True Blood, and you’ll have hours of clean up. Dead vampires spew blood and viscera. Game of Thrones is not as decadent in its gore, there is still violence. Beheadings and wolf attacks are very realistic and they happen to beloved characters.

6) The Undead. Vampires meet the Others. What are the Others? The true origin of these beings is a mystery, but they bear a striking resemblance to vampires.

7) HBO programming. HBO honors quality story telling and produces well crafted adaptations of both Charlaine Harris‘ and George R.R. Martin’s superb novels.

There you have it True Blood fans, a new show that is going to have you begging for more – all thanks to our friends at HBO! Thanks to Phil for the heads up on this great new show. To learn more about Game of Thrones, visit

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